Employee Retention Tax Credit Assistance | How To Maximize Your Covid-19 Refund

Jun 26, 2023

With Heros ERTC, you can get full Employee Retention Tax Credit claims support from the beginning to the end of the process.

Covid-19 hit small businesses hard, and if you kept staff employed during the nightmare then you could be due for a big, fat check from the IRS to say thank you.

With so many business owners unaware of the Employee Retention Tax Credit, Heros ERTC is offering full claims support - with all the documentation you need to maximize your refund!

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With the deadline for ERTC applications approaching in 2024, the firm is offering end-to-end claims assistance for small businesses nationwide. Each application is overseen by a CPA in order to minimize IRS contact and reduce audits.

"Regardless of the benefits of ERTCs, the process can be very confusing," a company spokesperson states. "Especially with the complexity of tax codes and qualifications. That's where we come in."

Under the ERTC program, you can claim a tax credit based on wages paid to employees during the pandemic. Heros ERTC partners with CPAs who specialize in reviewing the finances and gross receipts of businesses for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021, ensuring accurate and comprehensive documentation to support the claims process.

The team works closely with you to craft a persuasive narrative account that reflects the impact of the pandemic on your business to enhance the chances of a successful claim and a larger refund. The firm also manages all necessary paperwork, easing the administrative burden and preparing CPA-backed documentation.

The company has already assisted businesses across a range of sectors - from restaurants to coaches - in successfully applying for a refund. With the ERTC credit being a non-repayable opportunity, you have the freedom to allocate the funds as needed, providing flexibility to cover any business expense.

The spokesperson adds: "Unlike other tax credit and accounting firms, we focus exclusively on ERTCs. Our team consists of experienced Employee Retention Tax Credit specialists who will help you navigate the system and discover opportunities to help you maximize your claim."

What are you waiting for? See if you qualify today - and get your application in before the program ends!

Check out https://herosertc.com/employee-retirement-credit-how-to-calculate-and-claim-it/ for any extra info you need!

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