Employee Retention Credit 941X Filing Services Available For Eligible Quarters

Jul 26, 2023

Did you know you could get as much as $26,000 per qualifying employee with the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)? If you apply through ERTC Wizard, your total time commitment to determine your eligibility will be only 15 minutes!

You may have heard a lot of myths about the ERTC (a.k.a. the ERC) - that you can't apply for it if you've already received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, that it's too complicated to apply for, or that it's only for large businesses.

There have been several changes to ERTC legislation over the past years, so the confusion is understandable. But you shouldn't let it keep you from applying, considering the amazing benefits you could get from the ERTC.

ERTC Wizard’s services are designed to help you cut through the confusion and get to the benefits. They assist SMB owners like you to overcome the lingering economic impacts of the pandemic. They want to inform as many businesses as possible about the ERTC program changes that could allow them to benefit from the credit, even if they've already received PPP loans.

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The consultancy's services are offered in light of the changes enacted by The American Rescue Plan Act, which was signed into law on March 11, 2021. The Act included many revisions to existing stimulus programs, including the provision that businesses previously benefitted by the PPP program may now also apply for the ERTC.

As you may know, the credit was passed into law as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act on March 27, 2020. If you qualify, it will allow you to claim a credit equal to 50% of the qualified wages and health plan expenses paid to your employees between March 12, 2020 and January 1, 2021.

To determine if you qualify for the credit, all you have to do is answer a few simple, non-invasive questions and then ERTC Wizard’s tax experts will work out your eligibility. This pre-qualification process entails no cost or obligation to you. Better yet, if you do qualify for and receive the credit, you can spend it however you like and you'll never have to repay it!

About ERTC Wizard

ERTC Wizard’s tax professionals are dedicated to maximizing refundable credits for local and small to medium-sized businesses. They charge no upfront fees to determine clients' eligibility for the credit; all charges are contingent upon your refund. ERTC Wizard also provides you with audit-proof documentation in case the IRS wants to review your accounts.

“We only specialize in maximizing Employee Retention Tax Credits for small business owners,” a company representative explained. “You won’t find us preparing income taxes, compiling financial statements, or providing attestation services of any kind. When you engage us, rest assured that you’ve hired the best CPA Firm to lock in this one-time opportunity for a large refund check from the IRS.”

The ERTC will no longer be available after December 31, 2025, and application processing can be lengthy as the IRS receives more and more applications closer to that date, so don't wait to see if you're eligible and apply! Remember - with ERTC Wizard, checking your eligibility will take only 15 minutes.

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