Emotional Intelligence Podcast: Release Negative Emotions & Find Your Spark

Jul 26, 2023

What do you do when you become overwhelmed with negative emotions? How do you find your spark again when everything seems incredibly tough? Spiritual wellness coach Donnalynn Riley offers some suggestions in her newest podcast.

Let’s face it: Sometimes, life can suck. We all experience difficult moments, and it can become incredibly easy to have negative emotions. But that’s okay. These things happen and we need to learn how to manage those challenging feelings so that we can be better in the future.

If you’re looking for a way to find your spark again, then this podcast is definitely worth listening to.

Donnalynn Riley, host of Finding Your Spark Again Podcast, releases her newest episode, “How Awareness and Releasing Emotions Work Together” with Christina Fletcher, a spiritual alignment coach.

The new episode encourages you to reclaim your awareness of wonder and curiosity. Fletcher says that all humans are born with an innate sense of self, which is why children are easily entertained and fascinated by the littlest things. However, as we grow older, we begin to detach from our inner magic and begin seeing things through other people, eventually leading to a constant need for external validation.

Listen to the new episode at http://findingyoursparkagain.com/

Riley’s newest episode touches on the unintended effects of social media. While the technology helps bring people closer together and share their stories, some people may use social media as a guide for how to live their lives. Unfortunately, most people only share the highlights of their current experience, which may give a false impression to the public.

Keep in mind: What we see on social media is the curated product of people’s lives. We rarely see people at their worst—because the goal is to always look perfect.

But this constant need to be limitless may make you feel like you’re not “good” or “successful” enough. These negative emotions tend to build up and become incredibly difficult to release or even acknowledge over time. Riley asks Fletcher for her tips for letting go and shifting negative emotions.

And thankfully, the process is simple. Fletcher likens it to playing with play dough. You first need to recognize that you are experiencing a negative emotion. You can then slowly stretch your awareness to understand why you are feeling that way and whether you want to resolve it. Most importantly, this awareness should be tempered with wonder, curiosity, and kindness. Even if you are experiencing the most negative emotions, you need to react to yourself with grace and say, “it’s okay”.

Fletcher says that being spiritual does not necessarily have to be difficult. In fact, it is a way for you to go back into yourself and reclaim your joy, without needing to take time off work or spend hours a day meditating.

Riley writes, "On the podcast, we talk through the process of letting go and shifting negative emotions. Christina breaks it down as if we are in slow motion so you can really understand the process."

Go to http://findingyoursparkagain.com/ so you can learn more.

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