Easy DIY Stemware Packing Guide: Safely Move Glass, Fragile Items In Camden, NJ

Aug 16, 2023

Pack your fragile glass and stemware safely, the right way, with this step-by-step guide from Movers.com. It has video instructions for common items and can help you to get 7 free, no-obligation estimates from local experts if you need a little professional help.

Do you have a collection of uranium glass that you're worried about damaging in an upcoming move?

Or maybe it's a unique set of martini glasses inherited from a relative?

Whatever it is - we've all got something terribly fragile hiding in our kitchens - you can learn how to pack it safely and securely, or how to hire a licensed and insured professional to do it for you, in this free guide from Movers.com.

Since these items are so fragile, it's not uncommon to simply hire a professional to handle everything for you - but if you want to DIY your best dishes, I understand that too. Just don't pack them up until you've read through the whole guide, and know how to do it safely.

In fact, why am I holding you back? Just click right here to see the full, totally free guide, right now.

The first thing you'll find, is an explanation of the difference between stemware and glassware, why it matters, and how it affects the packing process. While glassware includes breakable items such as glass jars, mugs, and dishes, stemware is on a whole different level and must be handled with extreme care, as it includes very fragile items with long stems, such as wine and martini glasses.

If you're not sure whether you should hire a pro, or do it yourself, why not check the list of supplies you'll need, most of which can be found around your home or bought at a local hardware store? Then, watch the video instructions included in the guide - after that, you should have a pretty good idea of what it takes to DIY this project, and if you're up to the task.

You'll probably notice that, while the exact steps can vary widely based on the item being packaged, the guide includes instructions for all the most popular but fragile items, from standard glasses to pint glasses and martini glasses. It also has tips for packing certain breakable items alongside glassware or stemware, such as dishes, knick-knacks, or kitchen tools.

Whether you plan to hire professional movers or carry the boxes yourself, the guide suggests carefully labeling every box with several key pieces of information. Each box full of glassware or stemware should be labeled “Fragile,” have an indicator of which side of the box is the top, and include information about what is inside, or which room it belongs in.

It's important to include all the labels, because otherwise you may have dozens of boxes labeled "Fragile," by the time you're done packing, and have no clue which ones contain your incredibly breakable stemware.

If that all sounds like too much, I hear you. So here's another option.

Instead of doing it all yourself, you can always hire a professional moving service to complete the packing, as well as moving, although this can add significantly to your overall price. If that may be an option you're interested in, here's my advice - get an estimate.

No seriously, right now - drop what you're doing, and get an estimate. It's so easy.

Just visit any of the free guides from Movers.com, and click the big green “Get Quotes” button they put on every page. It will take you to a simple form you can fill out with some details about your move - and then the magic happens.

They don't use an automated tool or fancy math to give you an estimate, they send the details to 7 of the top-rated, pre-screened movers in your area, and send you back absolutely free, no-obligation quotes from each one.

It's like G.I. Joe used to say, "Knowing is half the battle."

With Movers.com, you can know how to DIY, how much it will cost to hire an expert, and which option will work best for your unique situation.

Of course, if you've already decided to hire a pro, or at least get a quote - you can click here to go straight to the free estimate tool for Camden, New Jersey.

It's that easy.

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