Easy Auto-Suggestion Marketing For Financial Advisors To Dominate Google Search

May 23, 2023

Get a headstart on your competition, by making sure that your name always shows up first in the search engines. Calta Marketing can get your financial planning business into the auto-complete box, so you’ll be on top before your competition is even listed.

You remember the old adage, "The early bird gets the worm," right?

Well, riddle me this - what happens if there's an even earlier bird?

Okay, maybe that's a little confusing - but let me explain.

No matter what type of business you run, it's helpful to be on top, to be the most visible - that's why everyone tries so hard to get listed at the top of search engine results.

What if there was a way that your business could be listed BEFORE the search results?

It sounds crazy, I know - but actually, it's crazy effective.

It's a new option from Calta Marketing, and it's totally unique, and super effective for anyone working in financial services. It's nothing like the SEO services you may have hired in the past, because they're not trying to game the search engine results - by the time a customer gets to the results, they've already steered them towards your page.

While it's not their official company motto, this strategy is so devastating to the competition, that in my mind I always think of them like Cobra Kai, from The Karate Kid.

Strike Hard.

Strike First.

No Mercy.

If you want to dominate the search engine, before your customers even make it to the results page, just stop by their dojo... I mean their website, at https://www.caltamarketing.com

It's a lot easier than you think - and the results, well, they speak for themselves.

Let me explain how it works though, and why it's so much better than the "traditional way."

You probably know that there are several strategies used today to help place companies near the top of the page in the search results - these techniques work, but they're expensive, slow, and, often, very temporary. Even when you are at the very top, it still lists your competition right underneath.

Calta Marketing doesn't think this is good enough, not even close.

They want your name to show up first, and to take center stage, that's why they Strike Hard - so your competition won't be getting in the way.

They want you to be able to outcompete even the biggest names for your chosen keywords - so they make sure that your brand is listed before your competition even has a chance. They always Strike First.

Finally, they want you to be confident that those are your keywords, and that you're going to stay on top. That's why they never resell a set of keywords to another client, ever. They have No Mercy.

All you have to do is pick your keywords, and the auto-complete phrase that you want to appear, and they'll make it happen. It's almost like magic.

Magically crushing the competition, that is.

Let's say, just for fun, that you run a karate dojo that caters specifically to kids, in Miami.

Maybe your chosen keywords would be Miami Best Dojo - and when someone typed in those words to a search engine, an auto-complete suggestion would pop up, that says, "Miami Best Dojo *your dojo name here*"

Since this strategy works directly through the search engine algorithms, it works automatically across all device types and browsers worldwide. This means that when you claim a keyword string, it will appear in the auto-complete suggestion across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, any time a person types your claimed keywords into a major search engine, anywhere.

Putting your name first, before the competition, every single time, is a huge advantage.

Research from Google suggests that up to 71% of searches use the auto-complete function, so that means you can have the advantage in 71% of searches - and even the ones who don't click on the auto-complete suggestion, will still see your company name there, and know that you're the best.

Why else would you be on top?

If you want to kick your competition's butt all over the search engines and back again, you don't need to know karate, you only need to visit https://www.caltamarketing.com

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