East Brunswick’s Best Weekly Grass Cutting From Top Landscaping Expert

May 28, 2023

Do you live in Middlesex County, NJ, and need help with your lawn’s upkeep? The experts at Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care (732-490-1440) are here to help. Call them today, and soon you’ll be boasting the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood!

Some property owners don’t place much value in lawn mowing, and others are simply at a loss when it comes to lawn care. In fact, a survey by the National Association of Landscape Professionals found that most Americans lack basic knowledge about properly caring for and maintaining their lawns, with 31% of participants saying they don’t know how to grow a healthy lawn.

If you find yourself in that batch, it may be time to invest in professional services. Not only will you be avoiding some serious damage to your lawn, like over- or under-watering it, but a healthy, well-maintained lawn actually increases the value of your home or business.

Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care provides residential and commercial property owners with expert solutions for caring for their lawns and maintaining an appealing upkeep of their properties while enhancing convenience and curb appeal.

They provide weekly lawn mowing services, including weed management, spring and fall yard cleanups, sprinkler maintenance, and lawn care services such as fertilization and insect control. The company also specializes in custom landscape designs and installation services such as paver, retaining wall, and sod installations.

You can find out more information at https://www.customlandscapingandlawncare.com/weekly-lawn-mowing

Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care has been delivering its grass-cutting services for over 40 years. In addition to weekly lawn mowing and spring and fall cleanups, their lawn maintenance solutions include mulching, pruning, and trimming.

The lawn mowing service is performed each week depending on the weather, with rain being the most common cause of delays. However, once the rain has stopped, they will begin their job the next day. During each visit, they will mow your lawn in a different direction, weed-whack hard-to-reach places, and clean your property of all grass clippings once the job is completed.

They use several factors to determine the height at which they will cut your lawn; one such deciding element is the season. For instance, during the springtime, it is mowed to a lower height than during the hot summer months, allowing for thicker, greener grass.

Their spring and fall cleanups also assist with developing a healthier lawn, as a cleanup prepares your yard for the growing season. This job includes clearing twigs, leaves, and branches from your lawn and landscaping beds and removing leaves and debris from the street to ensure they don't get blown back onto your property.

The company provides certified, licensed irrigation technicians who perform sprinkler system maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. They also have a healthy lawn division that caters to fertilization and weed control, including seasonal treatments. The team provides core aeration and seeding solutions to improve rooting and growth, as well as insect control services. They also offer a tree and shrub program, which entails plant pathogen and soil testing, disease control, and anti-desiccant treatments.

A satisfied client said: “Custom has great service, terrific maintenance crews, very fair pricing, and a professional office staff. Their lawn and landscaping service beats all the others. Custom does it all. My lawn and shrubs have never looked better. I highly recommend Custom for your lawn and landscaping needs.”

Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care is dedicated to delivering high-quality property maintenance solutions to home and business owners in Central New Jersey. Their highly trained staff has almost 50 years of combined experience in the lawn care industry and is adept at providing effective solutions for reliable, long-lasting results.

Don't turn your lawn care into a substandard DIY project. Give it the treatment it deserves by calling Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care today!

You can also visit https://www.customlandscapingandlawncare.com/weekly-lawn-mowing for more details.

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