Earn Your 2017 CPE Credits With QuickBooks Pro Payroll Management Invoice Setup Cloud CPA Courses

Dec 4, 2017

Cpethink.com, an IRS-approved provider of self-paced CPE courses for CPAs, announced a series of courses on QuickBooks Pro. Participants will be able to meet their CPE credit requirements while acquiring essential QuickBooks skills such as invoice setup and payroll management.

Cpethink.com, a leading provider of CPE courses for CPAs, launched a series of self-study courses on using QuickBooks Pro for effective accounting practices. All courses are self-paced with instant evaluation and certificate release.

More information can be found at https://cpethink.com/quickbooks-cpe-for-cpas.

Obtaining a certain number of CPE credits is mandatory for professionals in all industries, as the pace of innovation has become increasingly rapid. Accountants in particular are required to obtain a number of CPE credits to renew their licenses, the end of the year period being particularly busy in this regard.

Cpethink.com provides a convenient way for accountants to obtain their CPE credits while also staying up-to-date with the latest innovations in various areas. As part of its efforts to meet the increased demand for quality CPE credits, Cpethink.com launched a series of courses on using QuickBooks Pro.

The cloud-based accounting software is an effective way for public accountants to optimize a variety of processes, including invoice setup, payment integration, business assessment and many others.

CPAs can opt for comprehensive guides to various QuickBooks Pro versions from 2009 to 2015. Participants will learn how to create a QuickBooks company file, manage preferences, items and forms, work with Loan Managers, create purchase orders, create invoices, process payroll transactions, reconcile bank accounts and various other skills.

All courses are designed for convenient self-paced study, CPAs being able to study online or download the course materials for offline study. Evaluations can be taken an unlimited number of times, with certificates being available immediately after successful evaluation.

All Cpethink.com courses are designed by professional CPA and course developers, meeting or exceeding all AICPA and NASBA standards.

The recent courses are part of the company’s continuous efforts to provide CPAs with accessible, self-paced, professionally designed CPE courses. Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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