Dublin Insulation Team Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient From Floors to Attic

Jun 22, 2021

Usher Insulations (01 820 1921), an energy efficiency company in Dublin, can help consumers with many energy-saving solutions, including floor, attic, wall, soffit, and acoustic insulation, drylining, fire protection, and a Home Energy Assessment.

Do you live in Ireland and want a more energy-efficient home? Are you striving to meet government standards and retrofitting an older home? The experts at Usher Insulations can help!

This company is a leading home energy efficiency company in Dublin and has many solutions for you, including floor insulation. A well-insulated floor can save energy, reduce noise, and increase warmth.

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The floor insulations that Usher Insulations provides are DamTec products. These products can be used in many ways and will help improve the energy efficiency of existing homes and new builds.

Roughly 10% of the heat loss in your home may occur through the floor from either poor or missing insulation. Consumer investment in quality floor insulation will eventually be recouped by reduced heating costs.

Ireland is experiencing a nationwide initiative to retrofit older homes and make them more energy-efficient. DamTec floor insulation systems can contribute to that energy efficiency and can be installed in several configurations.

The layers involved in this floor insulation absorb the sound of footfalls, provide excellent thermal insulation, make floors very comfortable to walk on, and keep floor finishes looking new longer. DamTec products are made to last, work with underfloor heating, and are easy to cut and lay.

DamTec materials are made of high-quality recycled raw materials. They can be used between plaster floors and carpet, plaster floors and PVC or CV, wooden floorboards and carpeting, or cast plaster floors and laminate.

Usher Insulations also offers Home Energy Assessments to help you determine what steps you can take to increase the Building Energy Rating score for your home. You may be eligible for grants from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to assist with the cost of energy solutions.

In addition to floor insulation systems, Usher Insulations offers air tightness services, and insulations for walls, attics, and soffits. They also offer acoustic insulation for soundproofing and a variety of fire protection products.

More information can be found here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/dublin-attic-wall-insulation-specialists-045400208.html

This company has over 30 years of experience and has a highly qualified expert team. They are available for both new build and retrofit projects and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products and services.

Usher Insulations is accredited by the Irish Agreement Board as approved insulators, and they work with many construction firms in Ireland. Their goals are punctuality, affordability, and efficient delivery. They are devoted to providing the best service possible to you.

Are you ready to move forward with your energy efficiency upgrade or retrofit? Call Usher Insulations today!

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