Drone Thermography Courses to Learn Hands-On Inspection Of Solar Panels

Nov 12, 2020

ABJ Drone Academy’s simulation training course gives you the skills for flying in real-life situations without the risk and expenses of purchasing drone equipment. At the end of the academy’s courses, you will be a professional drone pilot!

At ABJ Drone Academy, you’re afforded the opportunity of training to become a professional drone pilot or delving into the field of drone thermography. The certification courses are easy to learn and the prices are affordable!

ABJ Drone Academy announces the availability of its drone thermography certification and drone certification training courses. They are designed to assist drone pilots of all skill levels and backgrounds, from beginners to experienced, on their way to becoming professional pilots.

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The newly announced training courses are currently being offered online, directly to the public, or through colleges or universities. The academy also provides customized in-person training for individuals, commercial, public safety, and government organizations.

The drone thermography course, which complies with international (ISO) standards for thermography, covers the fundamentals of infrared science and thermal physics. It also comprises studies in thermal camera design and operation along with an introduction to interpreting thermal images.

With your drone thermography certification, you will be suitably equipped to conduct live inspections of photovoltaic cell solar panels on solar farms, inspections of infrastructure, power lines, and wind turbines. The course teaches you how to take infrared images from a drone. With this skill, you’ll be able to find heat losses in houses and conduct other similar infrared inspections.

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Among the drone certification courses are simulator training, primary training, specialist training, and instructor training. In this training, you can expect to learn correct SOP practices.

Comprising 100’s of drone training modules, the drone simulator training provides you with the skills needed to fly in real-life situations. The simulation helps you to avoid the risk of investing in or damaging expensive drone equipment before you’re ready to fly.

According to a representative for ABJ Drone Academy, the knowledge gained through the drone certification training provides you with more effective drone piloting skills and broadens your capabilities. This allows you to be more successful in the drone industry.

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“Expanding your understanding of what your drone can do will make you more confident and enable you to access new opportunities, enabling you to be able to market yourself and your services more effectively,” the representative stated.

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