Dr. Jimmy A. Nanda & IACD Is Spurring The Growth Of Chiropractic In India

Sep 18, 2023

The IACD, founded by Dr. Amit Jimmy Nanda, is an organization aimed at promoting this evidence based practice in the country. Discover the role of Chiropractic in India and how you can help.

Do you know that in the whole of India – a country known for its holistic alternative medicines – there are only a few Chiropractic clinics? How did that happen? How did the world’s largest democracy, a land synonymous with healing, suddenly lag when it comes to Chiropractic services?

Dr. Amit Jimmy Nanda, known as the "Baadshah of Chiropractic" or King of Chiropractic in India, is the founder and Chairman of the Indian Association of Chiropractic Doctors (IACD). Dr. Nanda hopes to change healthcare trends with initiatives aimed at promoting Chiropractic in India. His goal is to improve awareness among locals and to ultimately increase the utilization rate within the country’s allied health system as the profession grows.

Despite the country being known for its various alternative medicine practices, Chiropractic is still relatively unknown within India. Through the IACD, Dr. Nanda hopes to encourage more visiting Chiropractic Doctors – who are typically visiting tourists on temporary missions – to stay for longer periods of time, as this will provide evidence of the growth and demand of professional Chiropractic in the country.

One of the primary goals of the IACD is to professionalize Chiropractic in India by way of legislation and education. Graduating Indian Chiropractic Doctors from an Indian higher education university is one way to achieve this goal.

In addition to record-keeping, Dr. Nanda has spearheaded a number of initiatives as part of the mandate of the IACD, including training programs, dialogues with potential partners, and charitable dispensaries aimed at raising public awareness and appreciation of the practice.

According to Dr. Nanda, the success of IACD’s initiatives will ultimately depend on the cooperation and professional conduct of Chiropractic Doctors within and outside the country. “The government recognition that we have been yearning for is a long and arduous process,” he said. “But with your support, I believe that the IACD is on track to achieve this goal on behalf of Chiropractors everywhere and those who are aspiring to join our ranks.”

Dr. Nanda’s efforts were recognized by a number of prestigious Chiropractic learning institutions, including Life Chiropractic College West in California, where he now leads as chair. “Dr. Nanda is passionate about using his relationships to bring evidence informed Chiropractic to India,” the school said in a statement. “For several years, he has been arranging Chiropractic humanitarian trips to India semi-annually and attracting outstanding Chiropractic collaborations to benefit the people of India.”

If you want to know more about the state of Chiropractic in India and how you can contribute, visit https://indiachiropractic.org

Dr. Nanda organizes regular service camps with the IACD to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Delhi, and Mumbai. If you would like to attend a camp please email [email protected] for more information.

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