Dr. Alice Prince returns to her alma mater to set the record straight.

Sep 15, 2021

Dr. Prince will address the rumors and share her rise to the prize. Now, her organization has expanded into the bioenergy and reusable energy sector.

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St. Louis Native and Webster University alum, Dr. Alice Prince, tapped to speak at the university’s virtual workshop series – Walker School Women in Business

(September 14, 2021. St. Louis, MO) – Dr. Alice Prince is doing her part to both stimulate the St. Louis economy and offer unheard of opportunities for disadvantaged entrepreneurs with the US Department of Energy. She believes in environmental justice and programs curated by Pathways United will help mitigate environmental racism through job creation and workplace development. She will serve as guest speaker for Webster University this Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 7PM CST during a virtual workshop Zoom Link titled Reinventing Yourself – Moving Beyond The Scandal.

Dr. Prince chose to work in the private sector after serving in the government for almost eleven years. She created Pathways United website, an organization that nurtures leaders throughout the world. She has long understood the value of education when it comes to employment and raising our society’s collective conscience. Her mission is to help people understand the importance of cooperation, diversity initiatives, and partnership. From a technical standpoint, Alice is known among her peers and clients as a “workforce industry specialist” for her ability to provide excellent technical support, training, and overall customer service.

Pathways United is at the dawn of its’ most recent SBIR/STTR award with the Department of Energy as of August 2021 and is actively recruiting minority businesses to make their mark within the bioenergy and renewable sector. People of color and minority business enterprises are not participating in the bioenergy sector, and they lack clear access to bioenergy employment and business opportunities. With this latest partnership with the Department of Energy, Dr. Prince is hyper focused on solving this problem while addressing the labor shortage in the bioenergy sector. She fervently believes this lofty goal can be achieved, and is quoted saying, “Investment in a diverse workforce is our country’s renewable energy and resource.” This will be her first time sharing her experience publicly. You do NOT want to miss this dynamic conference.

Pathways United is a full-service consulting agency that specializes in workforce, education, and youth programs. The team takes a human-centered approach to help organizations innovate and grow in entrepreneurship, bioenergy, and diversity and inclusion sectors. We use a holistic approach to model the commitment for continued professional growth, including leadership mindset, positive and solution-oriented strategies, data analysis, and reflective thinking.







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