Dr. Alice Prince Launches New Children’s Book to kids understand the Pandemic

Jul 28, 2021

“My Birthday Is Different This Year,” written by Dr. Alice Prince, helps young kids understand the impact of Covid-19 and their birthdays. This is a must-read for every child.

I am a mother of three,/ dog lover/ coffee drinker/ harp player/ motivational speaker, and launching my brand new book, “My Birthday Is Different This Year.” The book is set to go live Today, available at all major book stores through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and is expected to become a big hit with fans of the Children’s Book world.

More information on the book can be found here: https://dr-alice-prince.com.

This is my fifth book. I wrote the book with the aim in mind to educate parents on how best to talk to their children about the impact of Covid-19 on special occasions such as birthdays. There’s also particular excitement about this launch because it is my much anticipated first release for Children’s Books and the impact of Covid-19 using language children can understand.

My Birthday Is Different This Year sets its main focus on Madison, who is disappointed that she can’t have a birthday party because of the Pandemic. Readers will likely find a particular interest in the beautiful illustrations, the poignant message, and the picture book at the end. Jason Lawrence created the book’s cover art, and My Birthday Is Different Ingram Spark is releasing this year.

I love children and have a background in education. This helped shape the book’s creation by inspiring them to enjoy life and special moments despite the cruelty of Covid-19.

This book is a great way to explain to young kids how Covid-19 may impact their birthday plans.

The story is about a child named Madison. She is upset because she cannot celebrate her birthday the way she normally does every year with a big birthday party. She has to celebrate her birthday differently because of the Pandemic in her country. Madison is crying and heartbroken. Her mom assures her that she will still have a great birthday. Madison planned some wonderful birthday activities despite the Pandemic. She visited some of her favorite locations. She was able to visit her grandparents and wave to them through the window. Her favorite Aunt attended her birthday party virtually. By the end of the book, Madison had a great birthday.

There is a picture book at the end. I created a bonus section of the book with just pictures. The bonus section allows the young reader to create their personal story by looking at the pictures. Picture reading is a great first step for beginning readers. The art of picture reading helps to cultivate and spark the imagination of the young reader. 

When asked about why I wrote the book, I always say: “Children need to understand they can still enjoy their birthday despite the Pandemic.”

I hope the book will create many happy memories for parents and children as they read together.

I want to thank my family, friends, and church community for their part in supporting the book’s creation. Also, “I would like to thank my grandmother Alice Walker for instilling in her the beauty of education. “

Those interested in learning more about the book can visit here: https://dr-alice-prince.com

You can purchase the book My Birthday Is Different This Year: Prince, Alice M: 9781638481966: Amazon.com: Books.

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