Does Online Energy Healing Work? Try Remote Reiki Sessions In Forest Hill, MD

Jan 5, 2022

Energy Connect (443-987-6633) in Forest Hill, MD offers in-person and online Reiki healing sessions. The therapy is recommended for all sorts of conditions and is conducted by a certified Reiki master and accomplished Awaken Dynamic practitioner.

Does Online Energy Healing Work? Try Remote Reiki Sessions In Forest Hill, MD

Do you still feel sick even after taking prescription drugs? If you’re suffering from an unexplained general malaise, despite the best efforts of modern medicine, then maybe your discomfort is caused by an energy block.

Calming the global energetic shift, we at Energy Connect offer Reiki sessions that can be conducted online for anyone around the world. The goal of the service is to offer compassionate divine healing through a certified Reiki master and accomplished Awaken Dynamic practitioner.

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The services provide therapeutic benefits for all sorts of conditions, from minor headaches to deeper emotional trauma. Juan, our Founder and certified Reiki master, explains that guided energy exchange triggers self-healing and unblocks any mental blocks. He says that clients almost immediately feel a lightness in their soul, but recommends several sessions for the effects to be longer-lasting.

Juan uses Reiki, which is a recognized type of complementary therapy, one of many modalities related to energy healing. It is based on the belief that universal energy can be transferred from his palm to you. His more active energy reinvigorates the stagnant form found inside your body, triggering healing and better wellness.

Typically, Reiki is conducted in person, with the master hovering his palms across specific parts of your body. This is particularly important if the energy blocks have manifested themselves as physical pain, as the master can directly touch you, lessening any distance for energy transfer.

Nevertheless, proximity is not a requirement in Energy Healing. Masters Juan clarify that energy is universal and is as powerful regardless of location. This is why we offer long-distance Reiki sessions so that anyone in the world can benefit from energy healing.

Aside from Reiki, you may also be suggested other forms of complementary therapy, including emotional freedom technique and guided meditation, depending on your specific needs. Juan invites you to schedule an initial assessment with him and his team for them to determine the next steps. As each person is different, all treatment plans are customized to your specific requirements.

We also offer free exploratory sessions for those who are still hesitant about energy healing. Simply book this today!

The simplest way to heal the world is to heal yourself first. Go to so you can learn more.

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