Online Energy Healing In Forest Hill, MD For Chronic Back Pain & Depression

May 15, 2022

Energy Connect (443-987-6633) based in Forest Hill, MD offers different types of energy healing services. From Reiki to energy healing, we help you balance energies in your body.

Online Energy Healing In Forest Hill, MD For Chronic Back Pain & Depression

You feel it, don’t you? The shape of the Universe? Just the slightest shift and your body responds naturally – causing pain and sometimes depression.

We understand.

According to experts, the world is experiencing major astrological shifts as many planets go in retrograde and conjunct with one another. This has resulted in many energetic rare events such as different types of new and full moons, causing people to feel various types of emotions and physiological manifestations – including pain. Helping heal the world, one client at a time, our team at Energy Connect has strengthened all our services.

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With our updated services, you can resolve unexplained chronic pain and even emotional turmoil. Juan, the founder of our company, says that blocked energy often manifests itself in different ones: sometimes through physical pain, other times as feelings of intense restlessness. A way to heal this is by balancing these energies through energy healing services.

One of its simplest yet most powerful methods is energized water healing. Here, a glass of water is energized with a healing force and then drunk. Typically, you feel a noticeable effect after a few minutes.

This is based on the theory that since 90% of the human body is water, energy shifts through water are the fastest way to resolve any unbalance. Research suggests that water absorbs both positive and negative emotions, and shifts its molecular shape based on what it absorbs. The more positive the emotion, the more powerful it becomes as a healing agent.

In energized water healing, a healer transmits healing energy to a glass of water.

A satisfied client wrote, “The first time I experienced energized water was when I had a toothache. On the right side of my mouth, all of my molars were causing me pain. I am not a believer that medicine is the answer to every pain that you have and not wanting to take any pills I called Juan. I was instructed to have a glass of water and to tell him where I put the glass, Juan energized it for me. About 30 minutes after drinking the energized water I no longer had the toothache.”

Heal yourself from deep-seated pain with our long-distance energy healing services today! Go to so you can learn more.

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