Do you feel tired all the time without any reason? You should check yourself.

Nov 29, 2020

This is a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms Checker. It gathers the most important signs, symptoms, and risk factors for this ailment. Therefore, the tool will tell anybody who uses it their likelihood of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome based on their symptoms and risk factors.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a real disease that thoroughly affects the lives of many people. It raises healthcare costs and sharply decreases the quality of life.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an ailment in which unexplained severe fatigue is worsened by physical endeavor. Besides this main trait, there could be many other manifestations of the disorder.

A syndrome is a gathering of signs and symptoms that together delineate a condition or a particular disease. It is evident that there are several reasons for someone to develop fatigue. Accordingly, this disease remains an exclusion diagnosis.

The doctor would first discard all the possible reasons for someone to feel tired. Then, if a patient fulfills strict criteria, the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome takes place. It is important to rule out all the other potential (and treatable) causes because, sadly, chronic fatigue syndrome does not have effective treatment nowadays.

Furthermore, the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome resemble the ones from several other diseases. Therefore, it usually takes time to come up with this diagnosis. The estimation is that it affects one to two million Americans, considering that more than eight from every ten individuals with this disease are not diagnosed due to the diagnosis’s complexity. There are, for sure many more cases than statistics exhibit.

This disease affects both men and women, although it is more common in the latter. Additionally, it tends to affect middle-aged adults with an average of forty years, although there are cases in both the children and the elderly.

Even in these days of technology and scientific development, the medical community does not know what causes and triggers it. There are several theories the medical community handles as options. Still, for now, the fact is that there is an interplay between several elements for then people developing this ailment.

This is a Chronic Fatigue Symptoms Checker. It gathers the most important signs, symptoms, and risk factors for this disease.

Keep in mind that this disease has strict criteria and is an exclusion diagnosis for doctors. They would need to confirm that the patient does not have any underlying life-threatening condition for diagnosing it.

Then, doctors would ask several questions and examine the patient to find if it meets the diagnosis criteria. That is what this tool is all about, asking the right questions.

Although this tool does not replace a doctor’s assessment or the blood and imaging exams necessary to rule out disease. This tool has questions that aim to identify the strict criteria for this highly unrecognized disease. Consequently, the tool will tell anybody who uses it their likelihood of their symptoms because of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Importantly, using this tool is free and would only take a few minutes. Utilize the tool in order to know if your fatigue symptoms are compatible with chronic fatigue syndrome.

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