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Aug 16, 2023

Before you try to drain and pack that waterbed, or deconstruct those bunk beds, check out’s free guide that explains how to do it the right way – and when you might need an expert.

Did you know that a king-size mattress can be bigger than many doors?

That's not too much of a problem, since they fold up a little - but what if you've got bunk beds, a waterbed, or some other monstrosity that's going to be a nightmare to move?

Whether you're rocking a single cot, a queen size with memory foam, or a waterbed that weighs over 2000 pounds, this fast and free guide from can explain how to take it apart, pack it safely, and get it to your new home - without needing a nap in between.

That's important because your bed is going to be packed in the back of a truck - and the front seat isn't nearly as comfortable, even if you recline all the way.

Whatever size, style, and configuration your bed is in, this guide has it covered, and if you'd rather have a professional handle all the work, can help with that too.

In fact, why not just click here to jump straight into the full guide - and if you'd rather hire a local expert, just click the big green "Get Quotes" button on the guide to find the top-rated local movers, and how much they charge.

You're still here?

I really thought you would have clicked that link... Well...

I guess since you're sticking around, I might as well give you a quick overview of the free guide, here's what I found interesting about it.

While most types of beds can be disassembled and packed within a few hours, the guide explains that waterbeds may be an exception, and depending on the style, you may want to start draining it 24 hours in advance. How? Well, the full guide includes several methods and suggests the optimal strategy will depend on the type of bed and manufacturer's instructions - so you may need to do a little internet digging or call the manufacturer to find out.

Of course, you can't even consider that until after you've packed the bedding - and before you do that, you need to make sure it's all thoroughly cleaned, and then compressed, to minimize the excess air in each box. Once the bedding is packed, assuming you're not rocking a waterbed, the next step the guide talks about is your box spring.

To be honest, this part is pretty basic, just take a few of the obvious precautions first, like using a mattress box or bag to protect it during transport. The only surprising detail you might not know only matters if you've got a memory foam top.

Normally, it's easiest to transport mattresses on their side, but memory foam mattresses should always be transported flat because stacking them sideways can cause the memory foam interior of the bed to shift. While it might be funny having it all shifted to one side, making one person roll into the center when they sleep - it's probably not super comfortable.

At this point though, you should be down to a pretty bare bed frame, and you could say this is where things get... interesting?

The thing is, while most mattresses are fairly similar, bed frames are not. How to disassemble it, the tools required, the proper packing materials, they can all vary, a lot. The full guide has a bunch of tips and suggestions, depending on the frame type, but you'll have to figure at least some of this step out on your own.

Here's one tip you should definitely be aware of though, because it's a super common mistake. Never wrap wooden headboards or bed frames in plastic or bubble wrap. It will do absolutely terrible things to the wood's finish, and you'll regret it, especially when furniture pads or blankets are so easy.

But look - if you've gotten this far, and you're still not totally comfortable doing it yourself, just call a professional.

It might even be cheaper than you think. In fact, why not find out how much it will cost, before you call?

If you click right here it will take you to a list of the top-rated movers in Newark, and then you can click the big green "Get Quotes" button to get a free, no-obligation estimate, from a local professional.

Then you can get another one, and another one, and another one, and... sorry, that was more annoying than I thought it would be, but you can get up to 7 free estimates, with no obligation, by filling out a single form.

It's that easy - or visit to read the full, detailed guide, for free.

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