Disinfect Homes Schools Restaurants Safely With Green Bay WI Sanitation Experts

Sep 18, 2020

If an unpleasant smell has been bothering you, chances are it is also a sign of bacterial presence. This Wisconsin-based sanitation company can safely and effectively deal with the problem.

More than just a nuisance, the odor in your property can also pose serious health risks!

CCS Property Services LLC offers sanitation and odor elimination services among their line of property repair and preservation solutions. Headquartered in Green Bay, the general contractors are well positioned to serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Learn more at https://ccspps.com.

The company’s services are in keeping with the standards set by the CDC for sanitation and odor eliminator systems. Simple and cost-effective, they can effectively neutralize bacteria, viruses, pet allergens, and harmful germs. 

The process utilizes a spray and fog system that quickly and efficiently applies the company’s proprietary products. This serves as a modern alternative to the more labor-intensive techniques found in outdated and less effective sanitation methods.

As the experts would advise you, musty odors are often a sign of lingering bacterial contaminants. Beyond ridding spaces of the unpleasant smells, the team works on addressing these contaminants at their source before they get a chance to grow or mutate.

The company’s commitment to using only quality products that are “people, pet, and planet friendly” means that their services can be safely administered in any setting. They usually cater to private homes, day care centers, schools, offices, gyms, hotels, restaurants, and manufacturing settings.

One of their satisfied clients states, “CCS Property Services helped us with an odor problem at our house. We always had a stale smell from our basement. We spoke with the owner of CCS who shared with us a new product that they have been working with for odor elimination and sanitization. We decided to try it and it worked wonderfully. The house now smells fresh without the bad odor.”

Aside from sanitation and odor elimination, CCS Property Services LLC is also well-trusted when it comes to water damage restoration, mold removal and remediation, fire restoration, and home inspection repairs. Their professional staff are available round the clock for emergency cases and are usually able to respond within an hour of receiving service calls.

You may visit the above website to learn more or call (920) 435-2288 to schedule a free assessment.

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