Discover Your Next Historical Romance With This Epic Sioux Love Story

Jun 16, 2020

Do you enjoy romance and love stories in your fiction? Get a dose of Native American history in this compelling new book from Amelia Rose!

If you want an authentic historical romance fiction story set among the Sioux Native American tribe, you can’t beat the latest novel from Amelia Rose.

It’s available both as a paperback and Kindle eBook through Amazon now and is sure to keep fans surging through the pages.

Called “Indian Bride for the Trusty Miner,” it’s the fourth book in the Bear Creek Brides series, and takes readers on a journey through Native American customs and history.

More information can be found at:

The newly launched book tells the story of a love-struck businessman, a compassionate Sioux maiden, and a heart-wrenching decision that will change their lives.

As you follow along with their journey, you will wonder whether the power of love is enough to save an entire tribe.

Amelia Rose is known for her exciting and compelling romantic fiction, with a number of books available on Amazon. She describes herself as a shameless romance addict, and this fuels her writing now.

Each story is designed to give readers the sensual stimulation they need to arouse their romantic senses. Amelia enjoys romance stories for a number of different reasons, and tries to tie all of these threads together in her own writing.

In the latest book, Indian Bride for the Trusty Miner, Edward James sees a future filled with business and opportunity. However, he doesn’t anticipate falling for Morning Sun.

Morning Sun wants to marry Edward, but she doesn’t want to ask him to give up his life and his work to live with the Sioux. Compounding this is the threat to the whole of Bear Creek, as the US military plans to banish the Sioux to a reservation.

A recent reader said: “I found this an interesting story about native American customs and history. There was also an interesting love aspect to the story between an Indian maiden Morning Sun and the trustee minor Edward who was half Indian himself.”

Another added: “I liked this book because it shows a different side to life within a Native American culture, and how they dealt with problems created by members of their tribe.”

You can find out more on the link above!

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