Discover Why This Entrepreneurship Course Is The Best Alternative MBA Program

Dec 5, 2022

High-quality business education is invaluable but also costly. Luckily for you, Fred Cary is looking to disrupt the industry with IdeaPros.

Discover Why This Entrepreneurship Course Is The Best Alternative MBA Program

Many of the movers and shakers in tech and business today are products of the top business schools. Unfortunately for the rest of us, getting in to these institutions requires more than just an impressive GPA.

This is one of the reasons why Fred Cary created IdeaPros.

IdeaPros is an online business education provider offering mentoring opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to bring a concept to market. These programs were designed by Fred himself in collaboration with other luminaries in the business world.

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“What we can offer you is an unfair advantage over your competitors,” a company spokesperson said. “We accomplish this by giving you a solid grounding on business through top-notch mentoring and sharing with you the behind-the-scene secrets that only people who have founded multiple enterprises are privy to.”

IdeaPros currently offers you two mentorship paths: through its business education programs and through a partnership opportunity with the company itself.

The former involves taking either the Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Course or the Business Starter Pack (or both through a special offer), which both come with one-on-one brainstorming sessions with an IdeaPros advisor.

The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Course details a systematic method of starting an enterprise, while the Business Starter Pack goes into greater detail about more specialized subjects such as market research, startup cost reduction, product validation, and more.

According to IdeaPros, programs offered by universities with similar curricula can set you back tens of thousands of dollars. For instance, US News reported that the cost of a typical entrepreneurship course ranges between $28,000 and $94,000.

“If you can impress our team with your idea, there’s a chance to involve in your launch and get mentoring directly from the entire IdeaPros squad,” the representative said. “That’s over 200 years of entrepreneurial knowledge at your disposal.”

A number of companies in the food, technology, and consumer product industries have been launched with the support of IdeaPros. These include Ferenza, a watch company; Lander, an app connecting job seekers and hiring managers; Snapper, a brand of realistic fishing bait; and more.

“If you’re looking for an excellent group of people that will purposefully and methodically take you and your idea or product to the best place possible for a successful launch and be ready for the best possible growth potential, this is the place,” said one IdeaPros partner.

You, too, can join IdeaPros’ rapidly growing list of startup success stories!

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