Discover Ways To Reduce Startup Stage Costs At This Entrepreneurship Course

Nov 25, 2022

Do you have what it takes to take your business idea to market? Get all the mentoring you need from the country’s brightest minds at IdeaPros.

Discover Ways To Reduce Startup Stage Costs At This Entrepreneurship Course

A unique concept is not the only ingredient for business success. In reality, going from idea to market takes a lot of courage, planning, and, well, cash to cover the costs that will be incurred during the startup stage.

This is one of the reasons why Fred Cary created a IdeaPros.

The new learning platform offers opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking expert advice on how to launch or scale a business. IdeaPros is the key to accessing the knowledge of acclaimed founders and C-level executives, who are now working with Fred as mentors.

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“Fred Cary has created billions of dollars in corporate value, taken multiple companies public, and has hundreds of thousands of followers in all relevant social media platforms,” a company spokesperson said. “IdeaPros is his way of passing on what he has learned over the years to passionate individuals who want to make their own mark through a successful enterprise.”

Mentorship can be gained through The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Course—the company’s flagship learning program. The course offers you 15 lessons that can be taken online and a brainstorming session with one of IdeaPros’ mentors.

The company’s Business Starter Pack delves deeper into specialized subjects, such as market research, product validation, fund strategy, and more. This course also includes the contents of The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Course and a mentoring session.

“There’s also an opportunity to work with our team directly if they find your idea impressive,” the representative said.

This option entails pitching your concept to the IdeaPros team, where its feasibility will be evaluated. You will also undergo a series of interviews to determine your ability as a leader.

A successful pitch will result in a formal offer and access to an entire startup team, who will work with you toward a full launch and offer additional training if needed.

Working directly with the IdeaPros team can result in massive savings on startup costs.

A study by NerdWallet found that during the startup stage, equipment expenses alone can range between $10,000 and $125,000, depending on one’s industry. Activities such as incorporation, marketing, and rent, among others, entail additional costs.

“Our team can help you save thousands of dollars and teach you how to avoid costly mistakes that can set you back and discourage you from launching your product or app,” the spokesperson added.

You won’t find this opportunity even in Ivy League schools. Get the business education you need from IdeaPros.

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