Discover The Ultimate Tricks For Incredibly Easy And Effective Weight Loss Using Hypnosis

Oct 4, 2016

Discover the best way to start losing tons of weight with little effort, discomfort or sacrifices by using the increasingly popular weight loss hypnosis therapies delivered by certified hypnotherapists near you with incredible results.

  • discover the ultimate tricks for incredibly easy and effective weight loss using
  • discover the ultimate tricks for incredibly easy and effective weight loss using

The certified hypnotherapist, weight loss specialist and founder of the Indiana Hypnosis Center, Angie J. Hernandez, announced the release of a new premier weight loss tips report entitled ‘The 15 Ways to Cut 100 Calories Learned from Kindergarten’.

More information is available at

The Indiana Hypnosis Center is a renowned and certified business in Milford, Indiana, founded by certified Hypnotherapist Angie J. Hernandez, and providing a highly popular and effective range of programs, sessions and resources to help people lose weight or stop smoking more easily and gently by using hypnosis.

The popular hypnosis center and renowned hypnotherapist, Angie J. Hernandez, also an acclaimed certified weight loss specialist, announced the release of "The 15 Ways to Cut 100 Calories I Learned from Kindergarten", with proven tips, strategies and lessons to start cutting 100 calories a day and start losing significant amounts weight with less effort and discomfort.

The newly released weight loss report details multiple modest and easy lifestyle and dietary changes which anyone can adhere to and ultimately add up to substantial and sustainable weight loss results, from easy changes to the way one snacks to reducing dining portions or altering drinking habits by focusing more on water and cutting back on soda while still being able to enjoy the occasional sweets or cocktail hour, and more.

Free consultations and more information on the Indiana Hypnosis Center or its popular sessions and resources, including the ‘Weight Loss Epiphany’ program combining 4 audio hypnosis sessions for weight loss with 4 hypnomeditations and a workbook, can be requested at 574 658-4686 or through the website link provided above along with full access to its newly released weight loss report. Celebrity Hypnotist Richard Barker stated in a recent interview " Angie J. Hernandez is one of the best around in the field of weight loss hypnosis. The remarkable products and services in place are second to none"

Angie J. Hernandez from the Indiana Hypnosis Center explains that “weight loss is certainly a state of mind and getting eating habits under control is much easier with hypnosis, a natural state that we slip in and out throughout the day. When we’re looking to make changes like losing weight or stop smoking, putting suggestions in the subconscious mind let us make the changes happen gently and easily, just like we wanted them all along”. The center hosts clients from Fort Wayne; South Bend; Chicago and Indianapolis

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