Reduce Christmas Holiday Anxiety & Stress By Reading The Top Five Tips In This New Report

Dec 13, 2016

Discover how you can make time for all the Christmas holiday fun without over extending yourself and getting stressed. By reading the top five tips in this newly released report, you can spend time with your family, get all your baking done and attend all the fun parties while staying calm and serene.

  • reduce christmas holiday anxiety amp stress by reading the top five tips in this
  • reduce christmas holiday anxiety amp stress by reading the top five tips in this

The Indiana Hypnosis Centre, based in Milford, has launched a report in to reducing anxiety. The report focuses on five ways to reduce holiday anxiety and includes tips on getting ahead on baking and presents and making a schedule. The centre also specializes in hypnosis for help with weight loss and quitting smoking.

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Angie J. Hernandez runs the Indiana Hypnosis Centre and is a certified hypnotherapist. The site explains that hypnosis is beneficial in helping people to change their minds and bad habits. Angie states that hypnosis is a natural state that people slip in and out of during the day and that by putting suggestions to the subconscious mind, changes can occur.

The Christmas holiday period is generally a time of fun, family, food and parties, but it can go hand in hand with added stress and anxiety. The report speaks of a woman named Sue who loved Christmas with all its crafting, baking and family time. Sue fully emerged herself into Christmas and was taking more and more on until she got sick with pneumonia.

Sue is an example if the effects of stress at Christmas and the report by Angie provides five tips on how to reduce this holiday anxiety. The first tip is to plan cooking and baking ahead of time rather doing it all in one big batch when time is of an essence. Christmas cookies freeze well and planning simple and quick meals ahead of December saves time and stress.

The second tip is to schedule in down time in to everyday, even if it is only for 15 minutes to unwind and relax. Tip three is to tell family, friends and colleagues that a schedule has been made for the holidays and that it is first come, first served. This prior warning will help to avoid being over booked.

Tip four is about gift wrapping. Rather than gift wrapping everything last minute on Christmas eve, a wrapping schedule of little and often is more expedient. Finally tip five is to use anxiety busting trick throughout the day to relieve tension and remain calm. These anxiety busters can include anchored breathing, tapping and exercise.

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