Discover The New Approach To Prevent Copper Theft In Tulsa By Visiting Harmon Security’s Website

Jan 21, 2017

Discover how Harmon Security have found an innovative approach to prevent copper theft in Tulsa. The company use a combination of techniques to catch the thieves in the act leading to their arrests, meaning that copper theft will soon be at an all time low.

Harmon Security LLC, a security company, have launched a new approach to the prevention of copper theft in Tulsa. Harmon Security provide various security services to their clients including on site security, security officers and private investigations.

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Harmon Security have combined on site security guards with off site video monitoring that has proved to be than just a deterrent when it comes to copper theft. They explain that this new approach aims to catch the thieves in the physical act of stealing copper. This means that the number of thieves being captured and arrested would rise as police are notified and the criminals are detained on site and then arrested. The footage of the crime that has been captured is then presented to the relevant authorities for further action.

Scrap copper prices are at a high level which makes the theft and re-sale a popular crime. Tulsa has been experiencing high levels of copper theft crimes in recent times, especially with the copper being stolen from highway and street lights. Since last July thieves have stolen 29 miles of copper wiring from Tulsa street lighting.

Harmon Security design and implement cost effective security solutions custom tailored to their clients' needs. The enhanced security services that they provide can include trained and certified, armed and unarmed security guard officers, modern video security camera and CCTV surveillance systems, integrated ingress and egress security management and on site security vehicles or patrol units.

The website explains that they also offer a wide range of consulting and investigation services addressing security related concerns and issues for their clients in east Oklahoma. These services include solutions to business integrity, brand protection and litigation support. Other areas covered are work place violence, crisis management, technology risk, network audits, security surveys and interrogation services.

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