Discover Science-Backed Skin Care Tips In Dr. Cole’s Refreshing Self-Help Book

Nov 29, 2022

‘Face Change: Methods for Looking and Feeling Your Best’ by Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole – or how you may have been wrong about beauty all along.

Discover Science-Backed Skin Care Tips In Dr. Cole’s Refreshing Self-Help Book

This is a book from a plastic surgeon who doesn’t recommend plastic surgery for most people under 25 - and only for a very few above that;

This is a book that tells you why you really don’t want to look like Angelina Jolie, and how you can be equally beautiful your own way;

This is a book from a plastic surgeon who truly cares;

And if you’re curious about what goes on behind looking your best, this is perhaps the only book you’ll ever need to read.

‘Face Change: Methods for Looking and Feeling Your Best’ is a thorough resource for anyone interested in self-improvement - both external and internal.

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Now available in an updated edition, Dr. Cole’s book examines the multi-faceted issue of facial appearance through the lens of the doctor’s 28 years of clinical experience.

Addressing the need for science-based information in the field of facial skin care, Dr. Cole undertakes a step-by-step analysis of the various factors at play. This includes a breakdown of the root causes of facial conditions like acne and sagging skin, and practical solutions that can be implemented with the right professional guidance.

An essential chapter of the updated book is “The Kids Are All Right: Looking Your Best Through The Teenage Years”. Advocating against any drastic medical procedures to enhance facial appearance in teenagers - the need for which often comes from natural age-specific insecurities and a developing self-image - Dr. Cole provides a series of best practices that can help teenagers improve their skin and become more confident. These include adequate nutrition, exercise, drinking enough water, and proper skin hygiene.

You’ll also discover the psychological factors behind an individual’s perception of the self, which goes beyond emotional maturity and branches out into ethics and moral values.

Dr. Cole emphasizes the importance of community work and philanthropy as one of the most overlooked aspects of personal fulfillment - and a cornerstone of developing a positive self image.

“We’ve touched on the importance of philanthropy—of doing well by doing good,” says the author. “The sense of contribution and belonging that comes from serving the underserved, lending a voice to the voiceless, giving company to the lonely, cannot be overestimated. It connects us to source in ways that cannot be measured, and it ensures a good night’s sleep and long life in ways that cannot be bought.”

If you’re looking for a fresh take in a field fraught with misinformation and downright hurtful trends, check out Dr. Cole’s book right now at

An experienced plastic surgeon with close to thirty decades of experience, Dr. Cole has also authored a chapter in Steve Forbe’s first edition of 'Successonomics'.

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