Discover New HR Practices In Inclusive Tech Hiring For Returning Citizens

May 3, 2021

GoodTime, a recruitment tech solutions business, has released an interview with Kenyatta Leal detailing the issues surrounding employment for returning citizens.

Want some insight into diversity hiring? This returning citizens interview hosted by HR tech major GoodTime can help.

GoodTime, a San Francisco recruitment tech solutions company, has released a new interview report. The company’s CEO, Ahryun Moon, talked to Kenyatta Leal about the work of the non-profit organization Next Chapter.

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The newly released interview discusses diversity hiring best practices for talent leaders, executives, and companies, with an emphasis on equity and inclusion for returning citizens.

According to a recent study, it can be difficult for ex-prisoners to find employment. Approximately 50% of ex-prisoners do not report any earnings for several years post-incarceration, and, of those that do find work, 50% earn less than $10,000 per year.

As part of GoodTime’s recent interview, Kenyatta Leal discusses the fears and stereotypes with which returning citizens are confronted when seeking employment. He also offers guidance for HR and recruitment professionals seeking to hire returning citizens.

Kenyatta Leal begins the interview by acknowledging the enduring stigma associated with ex-criminals, observing that such figures are subject to bias and can be seen as having little to contribute to society.

Change your company’s approach to returning citizens and discover new ways to build a truly inclusive workforce.

He then suggests that HR leaders have an important role to play in creating a safe and welcoming environment for returning citizens by helping current employees to overcome concerns or biases. In particular, Kenyatta Leal suggests that recruiters and HR professionals should acquaint themselves with the issue of justice reform.

Next Chapter, an organization developed by Kenyatta Leal, creates transition plans for returning citizens to enter the tech sector workforce. By providing support for candidates and engaging with the engineering teams of partner companies, the organization represents a viable means for returning citizens to find fulfilling employment.

GoodTime offers software solutions in the world of recruitment. Their automated interview scheduling tool, for example, provides businesses with a quicker and more efficient means of recruiting new employees while prioritizing the needs of candidates.

Company CEO Ahryun Moon said: “Kenyatta is living proof that change is possible, transformation happens, and everyone deserves a second chance. Now, he delivers that second chance to people who are re-entering society.”

Watch the full GoodTime interview and learn how your business can benefit from programs like Next Chapter today.

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