Direct Response Marketing Agency In Norman, OK Helps SMBs Improve Ranking

May 17, 2023

The internet marketing experts at Web Marketing Solutions (WMS) are helping businesses in Norman, Oklahoma drive traffic to their websites and increase sales with direct response marketing. Don’t miss out!

Do you want to take your business to the next level with a website that converts?

Web Marketing Solutions promises to "leave no one behind" as it uses the most effective digital marketing strategies to keep its clients ahead of their competition.

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A 2023 Lob report showed that direct response marketing provides the most ROI among marketing channels. Hence, your business website is poised to benefit from WMS's service.

The agency provides customized direct response marketing strategies for local businesses in Oklahoma. It executes these strategies through various channels including direct mail, social media, websites, and social media.

Web Marketing Solutions believes that the first step to effective direct response marketing is identifying a business's ideal customer and isolating their challenges. "Smart business owners need to ensure their campaigns are targeting the right customers," says According to SEO expert, Greg Melancon. "This can be done by segmenting their audiences, creating personalized campaigns, and using data-driven insights to make sure they're targeting the right people."

After creating an ideal customer profile, the marketing agency drafts a campaign that appeals specifically to the needs of your target audience. Using persuasive language, Web Marketing Solutions shows your audience how your offer benefits them and creates a sense of urgency that elicits prompt action.

To ensure that your campaign is as effective as possible, Web Marketing Solutions tests and improves every campaign before implementing it. If you own a business in Norman, reach out to the agency for optimized campaigns!


Web Marketing Solutions is run by Greg Melancon who has been in the entrepreneurship field for 34 years. As an SEO expert, he's now dedicated to helping local businesses in reach and connect with their potential customers. In addition to direct response marketing, the company also handles content, video, PPC, social media, and other forms of marketing.

A satisfied client said, "Using Greg for our internet marketing has really revolutionized our business. Overall sales have jumped tremendously and our exposure for Wireless Solutions is like never before! These guys really know what they're doing!'

WMS guarantees results on web traffic, consultation calls, and sales. They offer a complete refund otherwise, so call them today!

Visit if you want more information on the direct response marketing process.

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