Digital Meeting Rooms For Collaboration With Remote Workers; Custom Design

May 29, 2023

Creation Networks (888-230-3661) is changing the way companies and workplaces are adapting to remote and hybrid work with their innovative integrated digital workplace spaces.

There is no doubt that remote work is here to stay. If your employees are loving the flexibility but you’re struggling to bring people back together, Creation Networks has the digital collaboration rooms and meeting space solutions you need.

The technology and audiovisual specialists can work with your company, wherever you are in the US, and help you adapt your workplace to the widespread transformations that have altered work culture in recent years. In particular, Creation Networks is proud to be positioning themselves as an innovator in the space of digital workplaces, in pioneering what they call collaboration rooms. That is, spaces that will bring together your in-person and remote workers.

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Creation Networks is launching their new collaboration rooms as the US continues to embrace remote working. According to the latest figures from The New York Times, 12% of Americans are now working completely remotely and another 28% are in a hybrid mode. Creation Networks believes these new models of work can hold great potential for your businesses. However, they understand you may be struggling to take true advantage of these remote and hybrid modes.

This is why they have designed their new collaboration rooms, which they see as spaces that can improve your digital workflows, meaningfully connect your teams, and boost productivity and creativity. Creation Networks has developed several types of collaboration rooms, which they can install in your office or co-working space.

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Creation Networks has small collaboration rooms, called huddle rooms, which will be equipped to support one to five of your employees, where they can collaborate and hold brainstorming and strategic sessions. The company can also offer you medium-sized rooms, which suit up to 10 team members, and their large conference rooms, which work for up to 20 people.

What distinguishes these rooms from standard break-out or meeting rooms is that they are completely integrated with high-end technology that will allow your in-person and remote employees to be equally present. This includes functionality for wireless presentations, the installation of a sophisticated network of microphones and video displays, and the integration of smart audio and video recording technology that Creation Networks states will “give all virtual participants an equal seat at the table.”

Creation Networks’ rooms can be customized to suit your company’s needs and, if a combination of huddle rooms and larger spaces is appropriate for your business, Creation Networks can also develop a full digital workplace package for you.

A spokesperson for the digital workplace innovators said, “​We are proud to be at the forefront of the digital workplace, designing meeting spaces, conference rooms, boardrooms, and huddle spaces that connect people and technology.”

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