Digital Marketing strategies for Local Businesses.

Mar 19, 2020

Using Facebook advertising to increase a Brand’s“Likes” can be very beneficial – once a user likes apage, they essentially become followers of that business page, and posts will appear on their Facebook news feed.

This results in more users interacting with the company’s brand, forming relationships that may end up translating to conversions in the future.

Is a Facebook PPC Campaign Worth it?

Social media is a powerful marketing tool to reach a businesses target audience and create an online presence for it's brand. However, when it comes to advertising, technology is a prerequisite and has always played a vital part in its dispersal and attainability. From flyers promoting the local shopping mart to pop-up ads appearing on mobile devices, technology has made advertising much more readily available.

It did not take long for companies to realize the power of utilizing social media platforms to get their brands noticed. In the past several years, space has become more restricted and competitive for brands and businesses to get themselves seen on these platforms.

This led to Facebook offering its “Pay-Per-Click” or PPC campaigns.

This being said, being wary of something new is understandable, so we are here to go through what exactly a Facebook PPC campaign is, and if it’s worth it.

A Facebook PPC is a marketing channel or a form of advertising in which a company pays Facebook Advertising only when the ad is clicked. Having an effective Facebook PPC strategy helps you attract more people to your website and increase the sales revenue.

Based on the audience, demographics or keyword selected, the company advertising will pay X amount each time their ad is clicked. This cost is determined by how many people you can reach, and how competitive the audience is. These ads placements can be on a variety of spots on Facebook; this includes both desktop and mobile newsfeeds, the sidebar, and the audience network.

Amid a large, vast audience and extremely popular in youngsters, Facebook has over 2 billion active users across the globe, with more and more people signing on every day. With such a high rate of traffic, this will open up enormous opportunities for businesses to reach a large group of people that might not have found your company otherwise.

As the #1 spot where friends connect and share online, Facebook has become More than just a meeting place for friends, Facebook has grown into a viable venue for businesses to market themselves.

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