Digital Marketing & Construction Specialists Compare Project Management Tools

May 9, 2021

Kyber Digital, a marketing and business development agency specializing in the construction sector, has launched a new report comparing four popular project management applications.

Are you trying to work out which project management system is best for your business? The heavy lifting has been done for you!

Kyber Digital, an online marketing and business development firm focused on small businesses, has launched a new report that compares popular project management software packages.

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Providing descriptions of Asana, ClickUp, Trello, and, the new report highlights some standout features of each solution and suggests which type of business they can help.

Project management software solutions have evolved significantly since the early incarnations of the 1980s. The rise of cloud-computing-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms has become a mainstay of the project management space, with almost every major application now taking this approach.

The four solutions discussed within Kyber Digital’s new report are all cloud-based, but the report identifies some key differentiators.

Asana is described as being a feature-rich platform that offers more free-active users than the other three. Kyber Digital believes that Asana is best for task management, and suggests that the package is geared towards medium-sized businesses.

The new report concludes that the features within the Trello solution are most suited to roadmaps. Designed for any sized team, the reviewers believe that Trello has the best client-facing options. As with the Asana platform, Kyber Digital was disappointed with the level of phone support offered. is applauded in the report for the level of phone and online support provided. From a pure project management perspective, Kyber Digital believes that this is the best of the four. It is also highlighted as being well suited to any size of business.

ClickUp receives the most praise in the new report, being described as an all-inclusive team tool that could replace a number of other systems. Kyber Digital was very impressed with the level of support on offer and the generous freemium option.

More detailed descriptions and comparisons of each solution are provided within the report.

A company representative stated: “When it comes to deciding on which project management software to use for your team, there are a plethora of options and oftentimes it can be overwhelming researching all of the options.”

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