Diesel Injector Specialist Near Inverness Offers Pump Refurbishment & Testing

Sep 18, 2023

Having fuel contamination issues with your diesel engines? Losing revenue because of inefficiency? For state-of-the-art testing and cleaning for haulage businesses and garages across the North East of Scotland, choose Extract Engineering Ltd! (+44-1228-558866)

Need diesel injector testing in Scotland? Where is the nearest testing facility to Aberdeen that offers the very latest in testing, refurbishment and coding for diesel fuel systems? Not sure? For repairs and replacement parts from the original manufacturers and state-of-the-art facilities just over the border, choose Extract Engineering Ltd!

Whether you're a garage owner, commercial fleet operator, or run plant or an agricultural engineering firm, in Inverness and its hinterland, Extract Engineering has the state-of-the-art testing solutions you need to drive efficiency and performance. The company is one of only 12 Delphi-approved testing centres in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Keep your fleet moving and intact with Extract! Reach out today for easy testing for your diesel injector systems. More details at https://www.extractengineering.co.uk/diesel-testing-services

The firm is in an ideal location for businesses in the North of England and Scotland. No more of those long trips down to the Midlands and beyond. Even if you're further north in places like Inverness, a shorter trip or courier job to the testing facility in Carlisle is a winning, time and cost-efficient solution.

The Extract Engineering team can address an array of common issues with diesel injector systems. These include rectifying injectors that have been poorly installed, which can cause problems with misfires, excessive smoke emissions, inefficient fuel consumption, and sluggish performance.

With a range of high-quality replacement parts from the original manufacturers, Extract ensures the durability and reliability of components over the medium and long term. The team can also address the fuel contamination issues that are at the heart of most diesel injector problems. You can have your systems checked and cleaned of dirt, gunge, metal particles, and contaminated water – all of which cause corrosion and erratic fuel delivery.

The firm uses cutting-edge technology to perform electrical tests on fuel injector systems – checking resistance, inductance, and other parameters. Flow testing and spray pattern checks are also performed by the experienced engineering team.

Extract Engineering's services and replacement parts – sourced from leading brands such as Delphi, Bosch, VDO, and Densil – come with a 12-month warranty, subject to terms and conditions. The improvements in fuel efficiency offer you significant savings, compounded by reduced delivery distances for Scottish companies. Learn more at https://www.extractengineering.co.uk/diesel-testing-services/avm

The firm's services restore your faulty injectors and pumps to meet OEM standards. With a testing facility that houses some of the most sophisticated technology of its kind near to Scottish and the Borders companies, Extract Engineering delivers consistent testing even for large fleets.

A spokesperson says, “This is a family-run firm and Steve Jefferson, the chief engineer, has had a long career in dealing with all the problems that can occur with diesel engine fuel injection systems. Many companies in Scotland and the North West of England still send injectors and pumps down to Preston and the Midlands - not realising that there is a more "local" solution to their diesel testing needs.”

For more info, go to https://www.extractengineering.co.uk/

Fire up your fleet with the very best in diesel injector testing. Talk to Extract Engineering Ltd to arrange your service!

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