Detroit Safety Situational Awareness Technique Expert Offers Workplace Training

May 23, 2024

National Safety Month is coming up! If you live in Metro Detroit, Sharlene Burris, CEO of Safe Sense, LLC, is ready to share important safety situational awareness techniques.

Most people walk around with their head in the clouds and their earphones in, unaware of who's standing around them or where the next exit is. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness makes you a vulnerable target for theft, assault, and other dangers.

This Safety Awareness Month, on the 10th anniversary of Safe Sense, LLC, CEO Sharlene Burris will put a spotlight on key safety situational awareness techniques that will empower you to take a more active role in your safety. Learn about her training sessions and consultations at

Develop Your “Safe Sense”

In her former roles as an adjunct self-defense trainer and a parole/probation manager for the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), Sharlene Burris had to develop a sharp instinct for how to manage dangerous people and places.

“In our line of work (Law Enforcement), we know that EVERYONE gets complacent at times. And we know that complacency gets people hurt or killed,” said Phillip Abdoo, Deputy Director, Michigan Fraternal Order of Police Labor Counsel.

This Safety Awareness Month, she hopes to ignite this “safe sense” in you, the instinct that helps you recognize immediate danger and make quick, clever decisions to stay safe.

Learn Practical Techniques To Improve Your Situational Awareness

Safe Sense teaches you how to be more alert and aware of your surroundings through workshops, discussions, on-site consultations with companies, and more. Sharlene Burris's curated safety situational awareness techniques, organically developed over the course of decades, are practical tactics that you can apply to real-life situations. Ultimately, common sense and environmental mindfulness are the foundational principles for someone with great situational awareness.

Safe Sense is a reliable source of information as much as it is a hands-on consulting firm, with several workplace safety guides in its catalog, available to clients throughout the US. The firm plans to release other safety guides for children and seniors in the future.

Take The Advantage Away From Criminal Behavior

Founded in 2014, Safe Sense, LLC helps hundreds of people, from students to field-service workers, develop important defense mechanisms against assaults or other unexpected dangers. As a leading safety situational awareness technique expert and trainer, CEO Sharlene Burris will continue to embrace all opportunities to teach you how to be safe.

“Safe Sense, her company, and the Workplace and Field Service Safety Guides, evolved from her ability to document and transcribe – in step-by-step detail – safety awareness skills and situational techniques that take the advantage away from those inclined to engage in criminal behavior,” said a spokesperson for Burris.

Click here to learn more about Safe Sense’s presentations, workshops, safety guide releases, and more.

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