Design Your Self-Contained Backyard Office Or Studio With INshed In Elgin, IL

INshed, (815-596-9042), is an Elgin, Illinois-based manufacturing and retail company that builds customizable backyard sheds for use as personal office spaces, artist studios, mother-in-law suites, and much more.

Design Your Self-Contained Backyard Office Or Studio With INshed In Elgin, IL

Have you ever thought about having your own personal space right there in your own backyard? A self-contained structure type of thing you could retreat to and get some work done? Or enjoy a yoga sesh, or bust out a book with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and just escape into your own world for an hour or two, maybe more... 

With INshed backyard sheds, now you can design your very own backyard office or studio so that it meets your every need. And then you could go there whenever you wanted - no need to drive anywhere. No need to explain.

With INshed's website-enabled design software, you can quickly create any type of structure you want. Choose from a full range of interior and exterior options to design the unit of your dreams and then have it delivered to your home, fully assembled and ready to go.

Think of all the ways a backyard shed would make your life easier.

Whether you need a quiet home office, a place to home school the kids, your own artist's retreat, a yoga or workout area where you can really go all out, or even a super cool food and wine tasting shed you can treat friends and family. You can create that, and anything else you need, simply by clicking on the INshed design tool, and making the magic happen.

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Are you working from home now, and want to keep it that way? Maybe you're an artist, a yoga enthusiast, or just someone who'd give anything for a quiet place to read?

Give yourself that gift. Get the home-based personal space you've always dreamt of.

INshed structures come in traditional, modern, and pod-style templates in sizes that range from 8’ x 8’ to 10’ x 16’. Electricity, heat, and air conditioning are standard in every unit.

Additions and upgrades include the types of doors and number of windows you wish to include, and other exterior attributes ranging from the front façade tones you'd like to see, potential exterior soffit lighting, gutters, as well as the option to add a vented skylight.

Interior upgrades include vinyl plank, hardwood, or tile flooring; radiant floor heating; Bluetooth surround sound; built-ins; smart home packages; ship-lap wall and ceiling boards; and solar kits enhancements.

Are you visualizing it? Are you loving it?

Here's what an INshed spokesperson says, “You deserve a personal space you can clock in and out of without worrying about cleaning up before guests arrive. Now you can keep your office or studio just the way you like it and simply walk across the lawn.”

With tons of options, INshed is making it more convenient and practical than ever for you to invest in a customized backyard space that will increase the value of your home, reduce your carbon footprint, and give you a reason to enjoy the benefits of home, steps away from home.

Is it time you built the backyard shed of your dreams? Visit to find out more.

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