Dentists Can Now Dominate Google’s Search Box With Autocomplete Optimization

Jul 27, 2023

Tired of waiting for SEO to work? If your SEO efforts are not resulting in appointments for your dental clinic, it’s time you tried a different approach. Let My Tooth Media show you a much better way!

It takes time and effort to rank organically on Google. So if you’re willing to spend time and effort on something as unreliable as SEO, why not invest in something that actually produces tangible results in a shorter amount of time?

My Tooth Media has come up with a service that allows it to optimize a business listing to make it more likely to be suggested by Google’s autocomplete. Dubbed “autocomplete optimization”, the service is unique to My Tooth Media and is being rolled out specifically for dental practices across the US.

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My Tooth Media is offering autocomplete optimization as a more cost-effective alternative to traditional SEO, calling it “SEO on steroids”. The reason is that suggestions that appear on Google’s search box are perceived as trustworthy and are more likely to be clicked.

“As soon as they click, you leapfrog the competition instantly,” a company spokesperson said. “It doesn’t matter if other clinics are dominating Google’s first page because your prospects don’t even need to reach that page to see your practice’s name.”

Basically, your clinic will be the default suggested result. Think about how awesome that would be!

Moreover, My Tooth Media can also optimize for other search engines and platforms, allowing your clinic to appear as an autocomplete suggestion on YouTube and Bing. These results also appear on both desktop and mobile devices.

The entire process is fully done-for-you, meaning that you need only to specify the keywords you want to rank for, and My Tooth Media will handle the rest. And compared to SEO that often requires retaining a provider, this service only needs a one-time payment.

You’ll be glad to know that My Tooth Media does not engage in double-selling, which means that it will not optimize the same set of keywords for multiple parties. So you alone have exclusive rights to your chosen keywords!

It also eschews black- or gray-hat methods, favoring instead an approach to building authority that is in line with the standards of Google’s algorithm. This involves slowly building a client’s reputation on social media to influence autocomplete results.

My Tooth Media said it can work with local dental clinics that want to position themselves as the preferred provider in a particular locality and large practices with a national footprint. With the latter, a tailored marketing plan can be crafted.

So whether you’re a pediatric dentist, endodontist, orthodontist, or periodontist operating a small clinic or the proud owner of a nationwide dental brand, My Tooth Media can put your business front and center for your intended clients to see.

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