Santa Clarita Google Autocomplete Optimization for Dentist Patient Acquisition

Jul 1, 2024

Do patient acquisition the smart way with the help of My Tooth Media! This dental marketing firm will boost your organic traffic faster than any SEO agency, by utilizing SBO to make you more visible on Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Marketing Program for Santa Clarita Dentists

Is it time for you to grow your practice, but you have no idea how to get new patients to find you? Then, My Tooth Media has the solution for you: an affordable, quick dental marketing program that optimizes the autocomplete function to make you more attractive and visible to new leads!

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My Tooth Media loves to help Santa Clarita dentists just like yourself who want to improve your patient acquisition cycle. The program is focused on increasing organic traffic by utilizing SBO (Search Box Optimization) to have your practice appear in the autosuggest droplist on search engines like Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Eliminate Competition With SBO

The Autocomplete Optimization Program is designed to work in your favor throughout the whole acquisition process by establishing authority and online presence, giving you a competitive edge.

Up to now, in order to truly compete, you would have to SEO yourself to the top of page one and pay for every click from your customers in a pay-per-click campaign. Now you can bypass the competition, eliminate pay-per-click and own the entire organic search results,” a spokesperson for the company said.

SBO Advantages

Compared to traditional SEO, SBO offers several advantages when it comes to patient acquisition. With SEO, patients will type in their query and review up to 25 companies on the first page, whereas SBO will make a clinic appear as soon as a new patient starts typing in the service they are looking for. Additionally, SBO shortens the time to be fully operational by half from 6-8 months, as with SEO and PPC, making it a more cost-efficient marketing solution.

Keyword Research for Best Results

With My Tooth Media’s program, you can capitalize on the use of the autosuggest feature which, according to Google, is used in over 70% of the searches. You can request the keywords you know that you want to rank for or ask My Tooth Media to perform keyword research. The agency will then analyze factors like PPC bid costs, urgent need phrases and monthly search volume to find the phrases and services that will give you the results you are looking for.

A client shared their testimonial: “We opted to get as many keyword phrases as possible so we could own the search market. We are extremely happy. They deliver the results they promise.

About My Tooth Media

The dental marketing agency is based in Marina del Rey and offers its services to dentists across the nation. In addition to the Autocomplete Optimization Program, My Tooth Media offers other solutions like an AI-powered chatbot for lead generation and Google Local Service Ads.

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