Dallas Tree Wellness Experts Offer Selective Pruning, Trimming & Air Spading

Apr 9, 2024

Dinardo Tree Care (972.533.8931) will keep your trees in tip-top condition with its full-service tree care service at all stages of growth.

Trees Need TLC Too!

It may seem like those cherished backyard trees of ours will be there always, a permanent fixture in our lives, providing shade and comfort when we need it most. That is, until a strong wind blows through and bowls them over onto our garages.

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In moments like that, we wonder what we could've done differently to prolong the life of the trees that enrich our outdoor spaces. As the case may be, there is plenty that can be done to keep trees happy and healthy, and not all of those things involve trimming dead branches. There are just as many "medical" procedures that can be performed on trees as on any other living thing, and, naturally, we have professionals to administer those procedures!

Meet The Dinardo Tree Doctors

The Dinardo Tree Care company is the premiere choice for all your tree care needs, from pruning to nutrition and beyond! Trees are surprisingly complex and have needs specific to the species that you might not even be aware of. On that front, Dinardo can help!

The company is owned and operated by lifelong landscaping specialists who have the knowledge and expertise to maintain trees of all types. Their deep understanding of tree diseases, irrigation, and nutrition empowers them to develop custom treatment plans for every tree under their care.

Read on to hear more about the excellent services they can provide.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization, one of the several specialty services offered by the team, is applied to boost the overall health of your trees at the critical stage of growth for urban planting - around the 10-year mark, and far beyond. Urban trees face unique health challenges, and those with especially large root systems may require regular fertilizer injections, which Dinardo can provide.

Air Spading

Another specialty service offered by the company, air spading, is also intended to address the challenges of urban planting. Trees that receive frequent foot or vehicle traffic over their root systems may suffer as a result of the compacted soil; air spading can loosen that soil through the application of a high-pressure jet, providing better air and water penetration into the root system.

Disease & Pest Control

Tree blights such as powdery mildew and oak wilt are especially prevalent in the Dallas area, and as such, Dinardo has developed specialty means of treating these issues. They are capable of diagnosing a wide range of problems that can result in stunted growth or the death of trees.

Likewise, pests like woodboring beetles and aphids may be causing unseen damage to your trees. Dinardo will establish the root cause of your trees' problems and eliminate those pesky bugs as needed.

Pruning & Maintenance

Pruning and trimming without proper knowledge is one of the most common vectors for disease to infect a given tree, which is why Dinardo recommends contacting their service for even small trimming jobs. Cutting at improper angles or leaving exposed wounds on a tree can cause long-term damage, decay, and even more severe issues, making this an essential service if you want to ensure the longevity and health of your trees.

Contact Dinardo Tree Care

A spokesperson stated, "The experts at Dinardo Tree Care specialize in supporting your trees’ overall health & wellness through our organic treatments, tried and true techniques, and certified training. Let us help you protect your landscape’s most important assets."

You can schedule an appointment at https://dinardotreecare.com/, or by contacting Jared Dinardo at 972.533.8931.

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