Dallas Health Insurance Agent See New Funding for Health Navigators

Jul 31, 2022

Rick Thornton, a Dallas health insurance agent, says latest decision by the current administration reverses slides in funding that occurred during the previous administration and bolsters the ACA.

Dallas Health Insurance Agent See New Funding for Health Navigators

Health insurance agents in Dallas are competing with federal government navigators. This can be a confusing web of decision-making for millions of Americans who are looking to find the right coverage for their unique needs. This is where insurance navigators, groups who are trained to assist people in making the best coverage decision, can really come in handy. According to a recent report, the current administration is offering an $80 million increase for these navigators in an attempt to increase the number of navigators in the U.S. and, as a result, spur more signups for the Affordable Care Act.

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According to a report by Fierce Healthcare, the $80 million is a massive increase from the $10 million annual awards the previous administration gave to navigators every coverage year since 2019. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services also gave navigators $36.2 million for the 2018 coverage year, down from $63 million from the 2016 and 2017 enrollment periods to help individuals and families with health insurance in Dallas. As the article pointed out, returning consumers made up 79% of consumers with a plan selection in 2021 compared to 75% in 2020 open enrollment. “This eight-fold increase in navigator funding will help consumers deciding whether to enroll or continue their healthcare coverage through HealthCare.gov during the open enrollment period this fall,” Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement on Wednesday.

Rick Thornton, a Dallas health insurance agent , said that this latest news is a positive for the Affordable Care Act and the millions of Americans who are trying to get it. Furthermore, it is yet another example of the many moves the current administration is doing to bolster the ACA, including adding more subsidies and extending special enrollment periods through August for anyone impacted by the pandemic.

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