Cybersecurity Compliance Consultancy Offers Florida Malware Attack Simulations

Aug 5, 2022

Florida cybersecurity laws are getting tighter every year. Ensure your business is compliant and protected with expert malware vulnerability consultancy from 2Secure Corp (646-560-5083).

Cybersecurity Compliance Consultancy Offers Florida Malware Attack Simulations

In addition to penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, you now have access to malware and ransomware attack simulations. Not only could they save you a huge amount of money, but they will also ensure your business complies with the increasingly tight cyber security laws in Florida.

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As with most other states, Florida is being impacted by increasingly frequent and complex cyber-attacks. In response, the government is enacting additional regulatory requirements, particularly relating to data protection. 2Secure Corp stays abreast of the latest development across the country, and their vulnerability assessments will make sure your business does too.

As an example, Florida House Bill 7055 is the latest in a series of cybersecurity measures taken in recent years. Having come into force on July 1, the Bill specifically addresses the growing prevalence of ransomware attacks on local government bodies, and makes it illegal for public bodies to pay ransoms.

While this law does not have an immediate impact on private businesses like yours, it demonstrates the increasingly firm stance that our lawmakers are taking. In response to the evolving legal and regulatory environment, 2Secure Corp services will protect your businesses from malware before it occurs.

So, what do they do? The firm says that one of the most effective preventative measures is to conduct a benign cyber-attack known as a Malware Attack Simulation (MAS) - minus the ransom, of course. This highlights any potential security weaknesses in your network, allowing you to plug gaps before the bad guys find them.

About 2Secure Corp

Established by Cybersecurity expert consultant Yigal Behar in 2003, 2Secure Corp has maintained a focus on the cyber security field, allowing it to remain both agile and at the forefront of industry trends. Along with in-depth system checks, the firm offers end-to-end project management and implementation for network improvement projects.

One business owner stated: “I have been working with this company for many years, and have only had excellent service. They handle all of my company’s security and networking and they are professional and reliable. Whenever new updates are introduced, 2Secure is the first company to provide the service needed to keep us going.”

Protect your business from ransomware, and stay two steps ahead of the law, with expert cybersecurity consultancy from 2Secure Corp.

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