Custom Wrapped RV Airstream Rentals NY Are Best For Pop Up Events & Branding

Aug 8, 2023

New York’s RV Airstreams (917-213-1614) has the city’s coolest collection of vintage RV Airstreams and an amazing team who will help you use them to create your best ever brand event.

Bring genuine cool to your brand by having a pop-up store inside an authentic vintage RV Airstream thanks to RV Airstreams.

RV Airstreams are proud to be launching their new fleet, which has four new vehicles available for your next event rental, ranging from their largest 36-foot vintage RV Airstream to their smallest 20-foot model. RV Airstreams’ Instagrammable vehicles have become increasingly popular at marketing, sales, and promo events, including store rentals for pop-up shops throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut... and now you can use them to make your brand come alive.

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RV Airstreams has launched its new fleet in response to the rapid growth they have enjoyed since they first launched their service in 2019. In an increasingly saturated media market, RV Airstreams knows that your brand is likely looking for a different way to create a unique experience for your customers and clients, and to create a genuinely cool brand image.

With their new fleet of vintage RV airstreams, RV Airstreams has also added to their service packages and streamlined their ordering process. The events team at RV Airstreams can guide you through their comprehensive 9-step process. The events team can help you develop your idea—using their successful previous experience to show you what best maximizes the authentic cool credentials of a vintage Airstream—then their prop department will help you create an entire scene to encompass the RV.

Vehicle wrapping is also included as standard, meaning that you can have your name emblazoned on the Airstream you hire. The design and graphics team at RV Airstreams will ensure that any colors, imagery, and designs you want will be flawlessly executed on the body of the vehicle, and the entirety of the vehicle can be coated, if that’s your style.

RV Airstreams will also take the logistical headache out of any pop-up event by helping you with permits and licenses.

The events team at RV Airstreams believes their vehicles work particularly well for retail store pop-ups and marketing events, but they can collaborate with a range of clients and have vast experience working at music festivals, at fashion shows, on movie sets, and for celebrity events.

A spokesperson said, “With our fleet of vintage RV Airstreams, we offer iconic recreational vehicle rentals to bring your event to the next level. Our iconic RV Airstreams will draw crowds from afar, be that must-visit factor at your corporate event, and provide an amazing background for the social-media-worthy photoshoots. They are ready to go at the turn of a key and perfect for any event. Our RVs can transform a campaign on the road with a vintage, yet modern touch, creating a special moment that tells a story.”

A vintage Airstream will turn your next pop-up into a true experience.

Visit to see how RV Airstream can help you create the kind of event that is going to set your Instagram on fire.

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