Custom Virtual Safety Training Simulations Teach Workers Safety Protocols

May 30, 2023

Did you know that including hands-on activities in training environments helps employees retain information and skills? Sequel MV’s virtual reality (VR) simulation safety training tools capitalize on hands-on learning’s benefits by providing users with immersive learning experiences to practice safety skills in a low-risk environment.

When you’re training a multi-generational workforce to keep safety top of mind, it can be a challenge to accommodate different learning styles. Older employees may be used to direct, hands-on training, while younger employees who are “digital natives” may be already used to training methods that incorporate virtual reality technologies.

Sequel MV’s interactive VR training simulations give you a cost-effective way to bridge the intergenerational gap between employees when it comes to safety training.

They're designed to provide employees in high-stakes jobs like yours with customized virtual environments where they can test their mastery of the core hard skills of their jobs without risk of injury or damage.

You can find more information about Sequel MV's VR training tools at:

Their latest simulation tool combines VR, augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies to create memorable learning experiences for your employees that will help them retain crucial safety information and skills. You can use the simulated training experiences in stand-alone learning sessions, or you can integrate them into existing training programs to help keep your employees engaged.

Researchers are realizing that engagement is key to training effectiveness. A 2022 study conducted at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania found that when active learning methods were incorporated into the workplace, employees were better able to improve learning retention and competence. Active learners in the study retained 93.5% of previously learned information after one month, whereas passive learners retained only 79%.

Sequel MV’s virtual simulation tools take safety training beyond active learning by providing immersive learning experiences. Your employees can immediately step into realistic simulations of safety hazards and complete required safety procedures and tasks at their own pace.

The VR safety training simulation tools also provide you with a cost-effective way to administer safety training, as the tools can be delivered straight to your work site, saving you time and transportation costs.

About Sequel MV

Sequel is an experiential design agency supplying custom-made visual content that brings meaningful audience engagement. The agency was founded on the belief that if companies want to truly stand out, they must be willing to experiment with unique audience engagement techniques. They help clients build on the creative narratives and themes previously established in their marketing work with leading VR, AR, and MR technologies. Sequel MV hosts the Experiential Marketing Podcast featuring expert discussions around the latest tactics in brand development, creative technologies, and digital marketing.

“Sequel MV’s strategies put you front and center with your most valuable audiences,” explained a company representative. “We focus on building community and connections to develop lasting relationships. For businesses that are ready for the next level in audience engagement, we’ll help you leverage unique experiences to attract and earn loyal customers.”

If you’re struggling to bridge intergenerational gaps between your employees in your safety training program, Sequel MV’s VR training simulation tools can help you do just that. Once everyone has crossed to safety, your team will have a better chance of avoiding harmful and costly incidents, and the team’s interpersonal dynamics will likely improve as well.

Learn how you can streamline your safety training process with Sequel MV's VR training simulation tools at

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