Cross-Sectoral Conflict Resolution Services Help Your Team Run More Smoothly

May 3, 2023

Looking for peacebuilding consultants with extensive backgrounds and high levels of expertise and flexibility? Look no farther than Peacebuilding and Partners SARL (+41-767-938307). Their new services are designed for organizations of all sizes, and their staff has a solid track record of international experience.

Whether your coworkers need to make peace with each other, your staff needs to develop de-escalation skills, educators are looking to prevent conflict between their students, or your business needs better customer service, peacebuilding skills are in high demand. And it makes sense, because leaders and their teams are under more stress than perhaps ever before.

If you can identify with any of the above situations, then Peacebuilding and Partners SARL's services could be your answer. Their new services aim to help communities and organizations build resiliency in times of stress and crisis. You and your team will benefit from the expertise of Dr. Erika Wichro and her staff, with their wide-ranging interdisciplinary experience in international public health, crisis preparedness, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and productivity and leadership training, among other fields.

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As you probably know, in these times of widespread turbulence it is more important than ever for teams at all levels, from company departments to communities and nations, to develop and refine “soft skills” like critical thinking, self-awareness, and communication. Developing these skills can help you and your team members maintain and repair relationships between themselves and other teams, and ultimately reform your organization for the better.

It is with this understanding that Peacebuilding and Partners SARL has updated their peacebuilding, conflict prevention, and leadership training services to include no-obligation consultations to help you problem solve and seek solutions to the most pressing issues that may be preventing your organization's smooth operation.

With their revised consulting services, Peacebuilding and Partners SARL aims to help countries, institutions, businesses, organizations, and communities worldwide to strengthen their health systems, build their preparedness and response capabilities in the face of crises, and build general resilience at all levels.

About Peacebuilding and Partners SARL:

The Swiss consultancy was founded in 2018 by Dr. Wichro, based on her decades of experience in creating collaborations between public and private sectors in politics, law, economics, public health, and civil protection. Dr. Wichro’s work with her team in international public health and crisis preparedness has been featured in the United Nations’ Biological Weapons Convention, Issues and Development in Health Research, and the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine.

“We understand the pain and discomfort you’re going through in these uncertain times,” a consultancy representative explained. “But don’t worry - we’re going to work with you because our purpose is to serve those like you, who are most in need. We help to strengthen local and international capacity, connection, and resilience to cope with crisis. We go the extra mile for our clients, so they can achieve all their goals.”

Whether you have a current conflict in your organization or community that needs to be addressed, or if you're looking for training to reduce or prevent future conflicts, Peacebuilding and Partners SARL is here to help!

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