Crisis Management Expert Offers Private Consultations For Companies, Individuals

Aug 25, 2023

Are you struggling with maintaining your productivity levels? Is your organization or company suffering from unresolved conflict? Dr. Erika Wichro MD, MAS (LLM), MA, MPH can help!

You might not notice it, but not having a crisis management plan can affect the security and productivity of your staff. Similarly, you may feel a little overwhelmed and uncertain if you do not develop a resilient mindset. Dr. Wichro can help your organization be the best it can be!

The global crisis management expert with over three decades of experience in clinical and corporate settings offers one-on-one consultancy services. Internationally recognized for her contributions, especially in conflict resolution and peacebuilding, Dr. Wichro is on a mission to help individuals and organizations overcome challenges that hinder their path to success.

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Highlighting her personalized approach, Dr. Wichro’s one-on-one consultations aid you in reshaping the course of your personal and professional life. For companies, a consultation may also include strategy planning and capacity building, depending on your organization's long-term goals. These sessions are complemented by customized video masterclasses and online modules curated to reinforce daily conscious decisions and foster sustainable individual growth.

To ensure her services are a perfect fit for potential clients, Dr. Wichro provides a complimentary initial consultation. This meeting is the cornerstone for creating a detailed action plan aligning with your needs and objectives. You can also seek advice on niche subjects or challenges, making her services versatile and comprehensive.

“This service is tailored to help you find proper answers for particular questions in certain areas, especially when information overflow seems confusing and overwhelming. The areas include health, how to practice consistency and commitment, daily routine management, how to boost your immune system and mental resilience, and more. I am sharing some of my practices, particularly for traveling and how to cope with high stress levels to maintain health and well-being despite a busy schedule,” Dr. Wichro said.

About Dr. Wichro

The prestigious International Association of Top Professionals honored Dr. Wichro as the Top Global Health Consultant of the Decade in 2023. In addition to her extensive medical background, including collaborations with the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Wichro's expertise encompasses fields like International Law in Armed Conflict and Human Rights. Businesses globally have consistently utilized her skills to bolster productivity, minimize sick days, and strengthen team dynamics.

Dr. Wichro's profound contributions, especially during the global challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, have further solidified her reputation in crisis mitigation. With her consultancy service, individuals and organizations worldwide can leverage Dr. Wichro's skills to solve crises and build resilience.

Conflict resolution and crisis management are pivotal in organizational and personal settings. Dr. Wichro will help you address conflicts constructively to prevent long-term damage to relationships and foster a positive environment, enhancing overall productivity. In the workplace, when conflicts are actively and effectively managed, the ambiance is healthier and more inclusive, fostering better engagement and collaboration among team members.

Dr. Wichro believes that adopting smart conflict resolution practices can also stimulate personal growth as it demands introspection, effective communication, and empathy. Additionally, the weight of unresolved conflicts often becomes a breeding ground for stress and anxiety; addressing them provides relief and emotional clarity. For businesses, Dr. Wichro's services have a ripple effect, as proper conflict management safeguards your reputation from potential negative impacts.

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