Cricket P2E Metaverse Game: Get Ready For The Super Loot NFT Drop In April 2022

Apr 23, 2022

Are you crazy about cricket? Would you like to learn more about the cricket-inspired metaverse gaming launch? Chiliz News has you covered with their report on the Meta Cricket League’s April 2022 Super Loot Drop!

Cricket P2E Metaverse Game: Get Ready For The Super Loot NFT Drop In April 2022

If you’ve been waiting for cricket to join the list of games entering the metaverse, your wait is nearly over. Chiliz News’ report gives you all the details you need to know about the launch of the first cricket NFT game, Meta Cricket League.

In the report, you will learn what blockchain-based metaverse games are and the increased popularity of their play-to-earn features before looking at the Meta Cricket League’s Super Loot NFT drop in April 2022.

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The report also outlines the marketing and promotion surrounding the upcoming launch, highlighting the interest and anticipation of the first cricket-inspired metaverse game.

As the popularity of metaverse gaming increases within the blockchain industry, fans of many sports have already seen NFTs and games released, including golf and soccer. Furthermore, gamers are attracted to the industry’s P2E aspect, which lets them earn NFTs while playing online. Chiliz News’ latest report offers cricket fans like you a look at the first metaverse game based on the popular sport.

Cricket has often been overlooked by the gaming industry due to issues with licensing, design, and overall profitability. Chiliz News’ report explains that the Meta Cricket League has the potential to not only be the first metaverse cricket game but also the first successful cricket game overall.

The report outlines the initial NFT drop for the P2E game on April 22, which will include digital cricket player and cricket bat cards, as well as some physical rewards to be given out at random. This Super Loot Drop will offer both single and sets of five NFT collectibles to be purchased, with prices predicted to be more affordable than those of many other metaverse games.

Chiliz News also highlights the interest surrounding the upcoming launch, with details on its trending hashtags and social media posts since Meta Cricket League’s initial announcement. Additionally, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are anticipating the release and its long-term potential in the metaverse gaming market.

By creating an online resource for blockchain news, Chiliz News provides you with a wide range of resources covering metaverse gaming and NFTs. It also features live crypto token trackers to help you stay informed on your token’s values while browsing.

As mentioned in the report, “The excitement surrounding the upcoming NFT cricket game has been high, with the popularity of the NFT drop event reaching new heights every day.”

Don’t be a sticky wicket. Learn all about Meta Cricket League’s upcoming NFT drops with Chiliz News’ report today!

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