Crepes a La Cart Uses Organic Ingredients For its Desserts in Breckenridge, CO

May 24, 2022

Crepes a la Cart (970-771-3411), based in Breckenridge, CO, uses only organic ingredients for its delicious, healthy crepes.

Crepes a La Cart Uses Organic Ingredients For its Desserts in Breckenridge, CO

Not all heroes wear crepes - but we do. In fact, we’re covered with them!

With more restaurants moving towards healthier dining options, our team at Crepes a la Cart is proud to say that all our products use organic ingredients. We are committed to offering you healthy, delicious crepes at affordable prices, with vegan and gluten-free options available.

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From sweet treats to savory specialties, our goal is to give you healthier options for your indulgent moments.

Organic crepes have gained popularity in the last few years, as more people look for healthier alternatives to traditional crepes. The dish, which is a thin type of pancake, is typically made with eggs and butter - two ingredients that are notorious for having questionable sources.

Organic eggs, especially, are recommended for those who want assurance that their food products contain no GMOs or other chemicals. With a USDA organic label, you have the peace of mind that your crepes are healthy and safe.

That said, it may be challenging to strike a balance between organic ingredients and taste. We are excited to have found the “sweet spot” so that our sweet and savory crepes still give a mouth-watering experience without sacrificing your health. You are able to enjoy your healthy crepes, knowing that they are both delicious and made with the finest organic ingredients.

The sweet crepe selection ranges from all-time favorites - Crepe Suzette, Nutella, and Chocolate crepes, to treats inspired by classic desserts, such as German Apple Strudel, Lemon Souffle, and Cheese Cake. You can also “design” your own crepe, with a wide variety of fillings and toppings available, including berries, fruits, nuts, marshmallows, streusel, chocolate, and peanut butter.

The savory crepe menu features Chicken Florentine, Cordon Bleu, and Pizza crepes, among others. The popular Philly Cheesesteak crepe is filled with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, flank steak, onions, and red bell peppers. Vegetarians will enjoy the Veggie Lover’s crepe, with spinach, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.

Are you already hungry? Check out our mouth-watering selection or design your ideal sweet or savory crepe yourself!

Eat healthier with delicious affordable crepes made with organic ingredients. Go to so you can learn more.

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