Creative Marketing Agency Shares Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Brand Logos

Jul 31, 2023

If you want to create a logo for your business that will last through both time and trends, you need to have a read of LO:LA’s new guide!

Most of us can recall the name of a company we know just by seeing its logo. But how do these companies create such memorable logos? Well, they avoid all the mistakes that LO:LA outlines in their new guide, that's how!

The El Segundo-based marketing agency's guide is intended to help your business create a logo that captures the story and identity of its brand in attention-grabbing and memorable ways. In addition to mistakes to avoid, the guide highlights all of the stylistic elements you need to consider when creating your logo and suggests ways in which you can make it stand out.

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According to Zippia, on average, it takes customers anywhere from five to seven glimpses of a logo before they remember it permanently. If your business has a good logo, this is extremely advantageous; but if your business has a bad logo, it can result in irreparable negative perceptions about your brand.

The first mistake that LO:LA urges your business to avoid is misunderstanding its target audience. If you don't consider the wants and needs of your customers, you risk alienating them altogether. So, LO:LA recommends that you conduct market research to learn as much as you can about your customers and your competition.

Once the design process starts, LO:LA implores your business to avoid clashing, chaotic, and incoherent style elements. Things like font, shape, and color should all be kept simple and complementary. Furthermore, you should avoid copying other brands’ logos, as this can lead to legal action that, in addition to being costly and inconvenient, could halt your rollout altogether.

Lastly, LO:LA advises your business to avoid thinking short-term and try and have an eye for the future when designing its logo. While it is tempting to jump on a trend and ride its momentum, in the long run, logos that are unique, original, and compelling provide a much higher return on investment.

“There are a lot of mistakes you can make when creating a logo for your business, from selecting the wrong colors and shapes to choosing overly complicated designs that confuse potential customers,” said a spokesperson for the company. “By knowing the what mistakes to avoid, you can craft a successful logo that stands out from the crowd and will last through ever-evolving trends.”

If your business needs assistance with designing its logo, LO:LA offers a variety of services that you might find useful. Their branding and marketing experts have extensive backgrounds in design, and they can help you take your brand's story and turn it into something eye-catching, memorable, and long-lasting.

To see examples of this, LO:LA has made available several case studies on its website, showing how they helped other brands create or improve their logos. Recent clients include Mr. Clean, Staples, L'Oreal, goodcook, and Complice.

With roots in London and Los Angeles, LO:LA has been providing B2C and B2B creative marketing solutions to companies from around the world since 2017. They specialize in branding and identity, content creation, and campaign marketing services.

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