Costa Rica Top Escape Destination: Surf Tours To Get You ‘High’ In Puerto Viejo

Apr 12, 2024

In Puerto Viejo, you can get ‘high’ without breaking any rules. Costa Rica’s waves board-er on perfection and Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel (+506-2750-3096) can give you a ride!

Why did the surfers bring a ladder to Costa Rica?

'Because they heard the waves were high quality!'

Discover the most epic waves on the planet for yourself! Enjoy your next surfing adventure with

You roll your eyes now because it's a corny joke, but you know you want to surf those waves — or at least see them, get on a surfboard, fall off, take a picture, and show off your skills to friends. 

If you're looking for an escape destination with beautiful beachfront views, wildlife sightings, and memorable surfing trips, Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel in the Limón Province of Puerto Viejo has got you covered.

Come Catch The Salsa Brava

Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel aims to give its patrons an authentic Costa Rica urban retreat experience. Hence, it is partnering with a leading surf institute - Surf the Jungle - founded by Misael Brown, an ISA-certified teacher.

The hotel offers surfing tours with expert lifeguards and instructors. No matter your skill level (beginner or veteran), you can explore the white sand seashores and turquoise waters that mark the South Caribbean coast to find Puerto Viejo's popular surf spots in individual or group settings, i.e., surf camps.

As a guest at Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel, you get the chance to experience Salsa Brava, one of the most renowned and popular waves of cylindrical breaks in Costa Rica, Central America.

Private Surf Lessons (so you can flop in secret)

Don't worry, I'm not judging. You can love the waves and still know nothing about surfing them. 

Make Costa Rica your escape destination and get private lessons with qualified instructors at Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel. This service includes a step-by-step guide to balancing, standing, positioning, reading, and riding the waves. You'll get the full attention of your guide, and the lessons will be customized to fit your skill levels. 

Cultural Lessons Along Costa Rica’s Waters

Surfing is not the only marine activity you can indulge in during your stay. You can enjoy any of the hotel's adventure tours with Jungle Man which include snorkeling at Cahuita National Park, dolphin watching and swimming at the Punta Ina, a trippy lagoon boat ride through the Gandoca wildlife refuge to learn about the country’s culture and natural heritage.

What's more to enjoy?

In addition to surfing experiences and adventure tours, the hotel’s hospitality offerings also include:

  • High-end suites with beachfront views
  • A spa with massage services
  • Mountain biking and hiking tours
  • Wedding planning package for couples.

If you want to be part of these experiences, contact the Guest Happiness Team at Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel to plan your trip.

Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel ensures that its partner surf school will get you waves at the top of the line! Make your reservations at

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