Cost Of Probating Will Florida Asset Beneficiaries Process New Report Launched

Aug 16, 2016

Find out the details of the Florida probate process in the new free Florida Probate Solutions report, detailing the administration services available and how much it costs to probate a will in Florida.

A new Florida probate costs report has been launched by Probate Solutions FL, the home solutions specialists, covering the often confusing process and helping readers to figure out the details of having a Florida probate done. The report has been launched for educational purposes, allowing more people to understand the how the probate process works. More information can be found on the Florida Probate Solutions FL site at: The report explains that the Florida probate costs can be described as costs related to court supervised proceedings for identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person, paying the debts they might have had and distributing them among his or her beneficiaries. In most cases, the outstanding debts are paid through the assets, and what remains are then given to the beneficiaries. The Florida Probate Solutions report underscores that the administration of Probate applies only to the assets which are generally owned by the deceased in their sole name. Examples of this include investment or bank accounts in the sole name of the deceased, annuity contracts, life insurance policies, or individual retirement accounts, and real estate property which is titled in their sole name. The report goes on to say that one frequently asked question when people go through this process is if they can avoid probate altogether. It clarifies that probate cannot be avoided, because it is necessary to pass the ownership of the deceased probate assets to their beneficiaries. Following from this, the report examines the three main types of probate administration, including disposition without administration, summary administration, and formal administration. Each is described in full, and goes on to describe the remainder of the process, including the court issuing the Letters of Administration, and the expected duration of the process, which can take from six months to a year to complete. There are varying costs to probating a will, and these are dictated by the value of the estate. The Florida Probate Solutions report goes into detail in this, helping people to estimate how much they might have to pay for a probate. A free guide to the Florida probate process can be downloaded from the Florida Probate Solutions site. In addition, interested parties can get in touch through the contact form on site for other probate services offered.
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