Cosmetic Facial Implants/Fillers Explained By Surgical Expert | Risks & Benefits

Sep 20, 2022

Modern cosmetic surgeons can do amazing things to reshape your face, but these surgeries aren’t without risk. Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole III, MD, FACS, Quadruple Board Certified Surgeon, explains what you can expect, how to choose the right surgeon, and more.

Cosmetic Facial Implants/Fillers Explained By Surgical Expert | Risks & Benefits

There are countless reasons why you might be considering facial implants, and it can be hard to find factual information on the internet sometimes.

To help, internationally recognized expert and instructor, Dr. Harvey "Chip" Cole, has created awareness campaigns covering the most common cosmetic surgeries, their risks, and how you can minimize them with the help of a qualified surgeon.

For years, implants have been used to reshape the contours of patients’ faces with cosmetic surgery, most often in the cheeks, jaw, and chin regions. While the risks are well understood by surgeons, this new awareness campaign launched by Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole III, MD, FACS, Quadruple Board Certified Surgeon is helping to educate the public, and potential future patients, about the potential outcomes.

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The new campaign focuses on the long-term effects of facial implants, in contrast with fillers. Traditional facial implants are made using medical-grade silicone and designed to last for your entire life, while fillers comprise several materials that lose their effect in 6 to 24 months after the operation.

Dr. Chip Cole explains both operations can be performed in a single day, but you may be fully recovered from receiving fillers in only a few hours, while facial implant patients often require several weeks of recovery.

The campaign covers the risks associated with each procedure, from the potential complications involved in any surgery to the specific hazards of cosmetic facial implants. When performed by a qualified professional your risks are minimal, but some serious complications can still occur, including damage to facial nerves, shifting of the implant, or numbness.

Many patients prefer the long-term effects of implants over fillers, but the campaign explains that while the procedure offers lifetime results, the fact that it lasts forever can cause additional complications. In a recent study of patients with chin implants, researchers found that nearly every patient suffered from some amount of bone erosion where the implant was placed.

The erosion was minimal in these patients, and not an immediate concern or threat, but the campaign suggests that the complications could have been more severe if the operation had been performed by a less-qualified surgeon.

A complete explanation of the risks and benefits of facial implants can be found in the full campaign. Dr. Chip Cole has created a series of new awareness campaigns based on more than 33 years of experience specializing in cosmetic reconstruction and rejuvenation. He has performed over 33,000 surgeries and is recognized internationally as an oculoplastic and cosmetic surgery expert.

Cosmetic surgery can have effects that last a lifetime, both negative and positive. Take the time first to understand your options, and what you can do to minimize the risks. Dr. Chip Cole's awareness campaigns make it easy to find factual, relevant, and unbiased analyses of your options, straight from one of the world's top experts.

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