Cope Private Wealth Management Investment Advisory Firm Shelby & Madison Alabama

Jan 20, 2021

Cope Private Wealth is a financial firm equipped with Wealth Advisors that aid affluent individuals in meeting their financial goals through meticulous planning, investments and asset diversification

Wealth management is much more than just advice and guidance on investments, as it deals with every aspect of a person’s financial life. Individuals with high net worth benefit from comprehensive plans built by wealth advisors as it coordinates all the services needed to manage their assets and plan for their own and their family’s current and future needs. It is important to entrust one’s hard-earned wealth to an advisor who is equipped with the skills to properly take care of their resources.

Cope Private Wealth is a financial investment firm that specializes in managing assets for affluent citizens. Located in Alabama, wealth advisors D. Paterson Cope and his son Bob Cope are experts at financial planning and advising. Armed with years of experience and knowledge, they specialize in diversifying investments and creating portfolios that are tailored to their clients income and needs. CEO and founder Pat Cope has found many success in his life with the support of his wife, Jennifer Miree Cope and was lucky enough to have his son follow in his profession. He has worked with companies all over the country and very well-known individuals and companies, from the Lehman Brothers, NYC to JC Bradford and Co., NYC. He also has two sons, Charlie and Bob, who have had great success in their lives as well. Bob Cope is one of the wealth advisors at Cope Private Wealth and is just as competent as his father. Having graduated summa cum laude at the University of Alabama in a dual degree, he also took up his Masters Degree in Human Environmental Science and eventually got his license as a Certified Financial Planner.

The work they put into their clients is very meticulous and those who are already massively wealthy can acquire even more wealth when their assets are managed and invested correctly. It starts with a plan to maintain and increase a client’s wealth based on their age and current income, the assets they currently hold, and how much they are willing to invest and grow, with the target being financially stable and secure for the rest of their lives and for the legacy they leave behind. Over the course of their lives, Cope Private Wealth ensures that everything goes according to plan. This means that not only do the wealth advisors at Cope Private Wealth invest their clients’ wealth accordingly, but also provide guidance on how they are spending and using their money if they want to reach the goal set out in the initial plan. They also know to consider the uncertainties that come along the way and have this kept in mind when planning out their clients’ assets. With plans including multigenerational and intergenerational state planning, retirement planning, and legacy planning, they make sure that no matter what the situation may be, their clients can be ensured that their wealth is prepared and everything is taken care of.

Cope Private Wealth has a great reputation in making the rich even richer and growing wealth exponentially through diversification which leads to interest and compound interest, where even the interest and earnings bear their own income. Methods like these are exactly how folks like D Paterson Cope and Bob Cope at Cope Private Wealth utilize for their clients. Knowledge from years of practice and experience has given him the tools and edge over most in the financial industry. This is what makes them one the best financial advisors in the state. Visit them at their website at to take the first step in building an investment plan that is specifically designed and made to fit each person and their specific needs and goals.

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