Consistent Branding Tips: Avoid These Big Mistakes When Creating Brand Logos

Jul 17, 2023

If you want to create an iconic and memorable logo for your business, make sure you follow these handy tips from El Segundo-based creative marketing agency LO:LA.

A great logo encapsulates the entirety of a business in just a few shapes, colors, and texts. But creating a great logo that stands the test of time isn't as easy as it seems. That's why LO:LA has provided some tips to try and help you out!

With its new guide, the El Segundo-based creative marketing agency wants to help your business create an attention-grabbing logo that accurately reflects both your company and its customers. The guide considers several aspects of the logo, from your target audience to its stylistic elements.

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Before your business starts designing its logos, LO:LA recommends that you first have a firm understanding of your target audience. This means conducting market research to identify their wants, needs, and interests. By doing this, your business minimizes the chances of alienating its customers and instead improves its odds of creating a logo that will resonate with them.

Once the creation of the logo begins, there are a few common design mistakes that the guide advises your business to be wary of. For example, typography should not be chaotic; it should be prominent and legible. Similarly, colors should not clash; they should be complementary and simple and kept to three hues or less.

The guide also enjoins you to not copy the logos of other companies. By copying other logos, your business opens itself up to potential legal action and it also risks losing the trust and loyalty of its customers. Creating an original logo helps your business avoid these problems and also allows it to create something unique with special meaning.

Though it’s tempting to think short-term when designing a logo, the last thing the guide recommends that your business do is take a long-term approach. A logo that is timeless and versatile will remain relevant through constantly changing trends, thus appealing to multiple generations of customers.

“When creating a logo for your business, you need to ensure it is attractive, original, and effective at communicating what your company stands for,” said a spokesperson for the company. “By knowing the biggest mistakes to avoid when creating a logo for your business, you can craft a design that stands out from the crowd and will last through ever-evolving trends.”

The marketing experts at LO:LA offer a variety of different branding and identity services to help your business create a logo that it can be proud of. They will sit down with you to learn about your company, explore its history, and determine what its goals are, before figuring out how to distill all of that information into an engaging and informative logo. They also have a strong understanding of visual elements and can help with the design of the logo.

If you need examples of other businesses that have hired LO:LA for their logo development needs, they have several case studies for you to browse on their website. Recent companies include Mr. Clean, Staples, GoodCook, Complice, L'Oreal, and more.

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