Comply With FTC Safeguards Rule In NJ: Best Cybersecurity Expert For Car Dealers

Oct 24, 2022

Avoid fines for not complying with the FTC Safeguards Rule – call 2Secure Corp (646 560-5083) to get your New Jersey auto dealership business in check!

Comply With FTC Safeguards Rule In NJ: Best Cybersecurity Expert For Car Dealers

Did you know that your staff is the weakest link in your cybersecurity system?

What, you expected it to be your actual computer network? Or maybe the internet itself?

Think about it, your entire business information is in the hands of someone who uses 'SnowWhiteandtheSevenDwarves' as their password because the site said it had to be eight characters long!

Ok, that may or may not have happened - but the fact still remains: you need to make sure your people are educated about cybersecurity threats and how to avoid them.

Especially now that such issues could cost your company millions of dollars!

What? You do know about the revised Safeguards Rule and what it means for auto dealerships, right?

In May 2022, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued new guidance on the Safeguards Rule which requires auto dealerships to make certain improvements to their data protection systems.

Obviously, you can’t do that alone - even if you wanted to - because you need to have an expert acting as your Qualified Individual.

If you’re in New Jersey, 2Secure Corp is the one to call! Check it out at

With 2Secure, you can implement the necessary steps before the December 9, 2022 deadline. To comply with the latest amendments, you’ll need a cybersecurity expert like 2Secure to address specific technical and procedural issues related to personal and consumer information protection.

Plus, you’ll also be saving a ton of money! Did you know that a single data breach could cost your business up to $14 million? Yeah, that’s a lot of money - but you don’t have to worry about that if you comply with the Safeguards Rule.

So, here’s what that means:

“The main points covered by the amendments to the Safeguards Rule include appointment of a Qualified Individual, risk assessments, implementation of risk-management safeguards, staff training, third-party monitoring, information security system updates, incident response plans, and annual reporting to senior management,” explains 2Secure Corp CEO Yigal Behar.

And, the best part is, you don’t have to do any of that because 2Secure will do it for you!

The firm will assign your auto dealership a Qualified Individual and take the necessary measures to comply with all other requirements under the revised Safeguards Rule.

To implement safeguards for risk management, 2Secure will provide access control reviews, data monitoring and encryption, third-party app assessments, multi-factor authentication systems, secure customer information disposal, information system updates, logs for authorized and unauthorized activity, and safeguards monitoring and testing.

Sound good? There’s more!

Staff training and incident response plans are also provided as part of the FTC compliance service.

2Secure experts will train your personnel so they can avoid the most common cybersecurity mistakes. You can stop worrying about them accidentally clicking on a bad link.

You’ll also get an incident response plan - a formal written document which specifies the staff members assigned to your incident response team and outlines the incident resolution approach.

With 2Secure, you get an FTC compliance solution tailored to your business - and it won't cost you nearly as much as non-compliance. You can get all other cybersecurity services you need, too - ransomware attack protection, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, the full package!

And, if compliance with Federal regulations isn’t reason enough for you to call a cybersecurity expert right now, consider this: in the past 12 months alone, 66% of small businesses experienced at least one ransomware attack.

Better 2Secure than too late! Go to to book a consultation.

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